Solstice Meditation : Angels of New Atlantis. 21 Dec. Singapore



I look forward to hosting the Solstice gathering at every year-end. It gives me immense pleasure to facilitate this special communion for light-minded friends at a very special time of the year … where the new is about to meet the old through the Solstice window of change.

Let us join the Angels in sounding their trumpets of joy, hope and love for New Atlantis, and for bringing through the new you. See you on Solstice!

Amara Tia Ann



The ancient era of Atlantis was created as a 5th dimensional reality for certain parts of Earth. Among other reasons, it existed as a Prototype New Earth to support and prepare mankind to flourish into its multi-dimensional nature. Is humanity now ready to re-activate and populate the Atlantis programs in our collective soul memory across the whole of planet Earth? How may our angelic lineage contribute to the externalisation of New Atlantis?

Besides having the Cosmic Master Thoth (once incarnated as King Priest of Atlantis) share his insights on these questions at the Solstice Meditation, the Archangels will also empower us energetically, so we may transform ourselves to the Earth-Angels of New Atlantis effortlessly and joyously!

Channeled Teachings from Cosmic Master, Thoth

  • Atlantis – myth or past reality?
  • Atlantis Rising – a road-map for manifesting the 5th dimensional reality on Earth
  • Soul origin of humanity – angelic, stellar, or both?
  • 2018 – living its vibrational theme

Meditation with Energy Transmissions from the Archangels

  • Be more of your soul essence
  • Coding your light body with the New Atlantis programs
  • Angels’ blessings of joy, love and abundance



Free Admission. Donations welcome.