Workshop : The Galactic Crescendo, NZ, 11.11.2017

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The Message

Around December 2016, under the guidance of Archangel Metatron, I began downloading messages regarding a rare inter-galaxy geometric alignment (portal) which humanity would soon have access to. Essentially, this means if our light bodies are sufficiently expanded and aligned with this galactic portal, we will have the opportunity to access the living libraries of light and sound codes of multiple galaxies for our spiritual growth, and to become effective conduits of divine intelligence and pure frequencies. To support others in bringing through and integrating the influx of cross-galactic vibrations, the workshop FLOURISH was commissioned by the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light in Spring Equinox, March 2017, and presented in several countries in Asia.

The climax of FLOURISH (named “The Galactic Crescendo) will take place in New Zealand, on the energetically auspicious day of 11th November, symbolising the culmination and final seeding of the cross-galactic vibratory patterns on Earth in 2017. As we sow the seeds for rapid expansion, we shall soon radiate and share our galactic light with the rest of humanity.

[More information on cross-galactic geometric alignment occurring in 2017 available at article Grounding Cross-Galactic Ascension Waves in Amenti and also explained through the Flourish workshop series. Read Flourish Workshop testimonials.]


Workshop Intention

Against the backdrop of the powerful ‘11.11’ gateway to the higher heavens, this workshop is intended as a spiritual communion for:

  • Transmitting the energy keys for light expansion gifted by multiple galaxies since the beginning of 2017; and
  • Grounding the accompanying advanced ascension programs and light matrices onto The Land of the First Light (New Zealand).


For Whom

To all Lightworkers, Earth Angels and Star Seeds – If you are desiring a quickened expansion into your Galactic Self, so as to walk your soul journey with joy in service of Oneness, we warmly invite you to The Galactic Crescendo!


The Program  

Packed with latest ascension information and energy transmissions from beyond Milky Way

  • Opening Meditation with the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light
  • Universe Logos Melchizedek Speaks: About Our Local Universe
  • Galactic Logos Melchior Speaks: Shared Destiny of Earth and Milky Way Galaxy
  • Galactic Master Isis Speaks: What enables Earth’s accessibility to the cross-galactic portal from 2017
  • Transmission of cross-galactic energy keys and ascension programs, including:
    1. Priming the body: Upgrade Axiatonal Lines. Align higher chakras to Pleiades Central Sun, Sirius Great Central Sun and Inter-galactic portals
    2. Light body reconfiguration via cross-galactic recoding sound and light keys
    3. Latest ascension programs: Be One with God’s Mind and other programs
    4. Expanding earth grids: Tuning in and tuning up the Halls of Amenti

(The actual topics and energy transmissions may differ from the above program, if so directed by the guides based on the spiritual needs of the group co-creating the event).


Guest Sound Healer & Energy Intuitive, Vicky Cavanagh-Hodge

As the workshop title suggests, the use of sacred sounds will be essential to perfecting the transmission of the teachings and energy keys from beyond Milky Way Galaxy. To this end, I am thrilled to have one of our NZ friends, Vicky Cavanagh-Hodge – talented sound healer, author, sacred tour leader – to support the event with her sound work (



Date:              11.11.2017 (Saturday)

Time:              9 am to 4 pm

Venue:            Addington Haven, 19 Church Square, Addington, Christchurch, NZ

Fees:               NZ$ 170 pp, including lunch, morning & afternoon tea
Discounted rate of NZ$ 155 pp for The Galactic Crescendo, available to those also attending “A Celebration of Sound & Light” with Vicky Cavanagh-Hodge the following day (read more below). Full fees payable upon registration.

Register:          Registration closes 9th Nov. Email Vicky –


Join Vicky on 12th November for ‘A Celebration of Sound and Light” !

Back to back with The Galactic Crescendo, Vicky will lead this special gathering in Celebration of Earth’s Potential and Deeper Insight into the Wonders of the Human Vessel. She shared, “This is a call to those who are ready to experience and embody HOME. Our focus is very much on empowering people to feel at home…..both in the Human Body and here on Planet Earth. We actively involve participants, encouraging them to share their own bandwidth of sound as we collectively weave light and merge timelines”. Read program HERE.

If you are desiring an uniquely awesome experience over the 11.11 weekend, we look forward to seeing you at both events !