2018 Vibrational Theme & New Year Message



My guides often remind me, “divine timing is everything”. For 2018 to be greeted by a Supermoon on its first day is clearly an auspicious omen for those of us ready to experience a phenomenal expansion in the year ahead, spiritually and energetically.

To this end, I am told one of the golden keys for unlocking the potentiality of 2018 is the mastery of the feminine principles of Creation: receptivity, all-embracing, unification and balancing. Accordingly, the guides have described the vibrational theme for 2018 as “materialising a steady and sustainable Light expansion through Integration and Harmonisation”. The prevalent galactic expansionary forces – made accessible through a cross-galactic portal activated in 2017 –  can certainly provide the thrust for achieving this common spiritual goal.

Accordingly, two new programs, Alchemy of Horus” and “An Ocean of Blessings“, have been commissioned by the Galactic Councils of Light to serve as the platform to continually capture and ground the incoming galactic impulses towards fulfilling the year’s vibrational theme for All.  Read more below.

May you be guided to experience greater depths of balance and integration in 2018 !

Full Moon Blessings
Amara Tia Ann

2 January 2018



Be Awakened To Your Star Abilities Under The Auspices Of The
Arcturus And Sirius Star Nations

Alchemy of Horus© is a ground-breaking healing program, fused with the ancient wisdom of the Horus Mystery Schools and the advanced technologies of the 7th-dimensional Arcturus star system.

Whilst its intended benefits are multi-fold, this course was designed with the primary purpose of tuning-up the human physical body to become an effective vessel for holding and processing a larger and deeper spectrum of light and sound frequencies in materialising a Galactic Age on Earth, and to awaken the nurturer and natural healer in you (divine feminine expression). The healing processes are built around the principle of ‘integration of polarities’ as the key towards a sustainable and enjoyable expansion into an embodied galactic consciousness.

Full Course Description and Contents at  https://wp.me/P22lmc-2Zo 

Schedules & Registration Info
Inaugurating Session : Singapore. 17 & 18 March (New Moon & Pre-Equinox).

Hong Kong, Manila, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur  sessions: go to  https://wp.me/P22lmc-2Zt

Keen to organise this course for your community? Email info@acast.me


featuring channeled workshop ‘Self-Mastery of the Human Emotions’

9 – 14 August. Australia

This 6-day retreat is about actualizing our Sirian 6th-Dimensional Self through

  • Mastery of the human emotions (feminine quality) by harnessing the power of the oceans and seas
  • Activation of the Sirius genetic attributes
  • Entrainment with dolphins and whales
  • Anchoring the Sirius presence onto crystal grids and the four elements of Mother Gaia

And connecting with Mother Gaia at her power places –
Minyon Falls, Broken Head Natural Reserve, Cape Byron Light House.

Full Itinerary & registration details at  https://wp.me/P22lmc-2Yg

Group size limited to 18. 2 places left.