Masterclass Led by Arcturus – RHYTHM. 16 June 2018. Singapore


…embodying the galactic rhythm of light towards sustainable expansion

A Solstice Masterclass Led by the Arcturus Star Council

Channeled by Amara Tia Ann

16 June 2018. Singapore


Arcturus is a star civilisation currently dwelling in the 7th dimensional frequency zone of the Milky Way galaxy.  Like the Pleiades and Sirius systems, Arcturus too has been supporting the evolution of mankind for eons of earth-years.  In our collective soul memory, we recognise the Arcturians as the leading healing technologists and geneticists of our galaxy.

RHYTHM is a 1-day intensive workshop commissioned by the highly respectable Arcturus Council of Light towards achieving the following objectives:

  • Enhance our connection with Arcturus through a deepened understanding of its role and expertise in the galaxy; particularly, regarding the genetic design of the star-human
  • Accelerate our spiritual awakening via advanced DNA activation and light bodies recalibration work
  • Prepare our physical body adequately for the ongoing planetary energy shifts
  • Ground the Solstice new creation codes on Earth’s grids via our intention and bodies



Part 1: Channeled teachings from Lord of Arcturus:

  • Arcturus as a member of the Galaxy
  • Distinguishing Arcturus from Sirius, Pleiades and Tara (5D Earth) in terms of vibratory qualities and contribution to human spiritual evolution
  • Understand DNA-encoding and DNA-recoding from the perspective of a geneticist
  • Human meridian system as the doorway to anchoring vibratory shifts and achieving physical health

Part 2: Energy activations gifted by Arcturus Star Council and Ashtar Command:

             (transmitted through Language of Light) 

  • Reset crystalline light (Adam Kadmon foundational blueprint) of the morphogenetic field of the star-human specie
  • Release karmic imprints from Soul Star chakra and auric field
  • Awaken soul essence and qualities in Superconscious memory
  • DNA activation & light bodies recalibration in Arcturus Chamber of Integrated Light
  • Upgrade and map the human meridian system to vibrational fields of resonating star systems for quickened spiritual growth and enhanced health
  • Planetary work – ground Solstice new creation codes on the grids of Earth

# Actual contents may vary slightly from above outline, as directed by the guides


Registration Details

Date:               16 June 2018 (Saturday)

Time:               10am to 4pm

Venue:             Self-Awareness Society

320C King George’s Avenue, King George’s Building, Level 4, 208564

Fees:                 S$220/person. 40% fee discount for attendees of Alchemy of Horus Healing  Course. Payment in full upon registration

Register:          Email Ann at for registration and payment instructions