Workshop: Self-Mastery of Emotions, Dubai, 23 & 24 Nov




The Workshop At A Glimpse

Exploring the realm of the human emotions through these perennial questions contextualized for the contemporary world….

Are emotions a gift or a curse?

Why are some of us naturally more ‘emotional’ than others?

What are and why the inter-connection between thoughts, emotions and body?

What is the connection between divine feminine power, water element and emotions?

How do astronomical events such as eclipses and moon cycles affect our emotions?

What role does emotions play in expanding and realizing your soul’s potential?

Why and how to cultivate self-mastery of emotions at this critical transitory time on Earth?


This 2-part workshop aims to:

  • Deepen your understanding of the spiritual and physiological purpose and impact of the human emotional body on all aspects of your well-being (Part 1 – 23 Nov)
  • Provide you with the energetic support as well as practical and effective techniques for achieving self-mastery of your emotions and thus, realizing your soul’s potential (Part 2 – 24 Nov)

Part 1 participation is a pre-requisite for attending Part 2.


Message from Amara Tia: Conception and Intention of Workshop

At the onset of 2018, my spirit guides revealed that one of the golden keys for unlocking the potentiality of the year is through the mastery of the feminine principles of Creation: receptivity, fluidity, harmonising, and intuitive connectivity. Towards this end, I was told that among the many expression vessels the human consciousness has been gifted with, the emotional body is the most ideal and natural conduit through which our divine feminine qualities could flourish and be perfected. Therefore, with the intention of aligning our growth path with the vibrational theme and gift of the year, the workshop “Self-Mastery of the Human Emotions was channeled and has since been presented in Australia and Asia.

I am now asked to share the workshop teachings and energy transmissions with more spiritual communities before the close of 2018, so you too can leverage on the current energetic trajectory for fine-tuning, re-balancing and upgrading your emotional body.

Your emotion is the voice of your soul and a powerful tool for your soul awakening. To become the master of your emotions is to be able to harness the feminine creative force within for flow, ease, and grace to permeate all of your Earth experiences.


Workshop Outline 

PART 1: Towards a Higher Understanding of the Human Emotions

The following presentation topics will incorporate live channeling and if time permits, group healing.

A macro view at human emotions

  • Higher purpose of your existence as a soul-ful being
  • Role of human emotions for realizing your soul purpose and potential
  • Expression of primordial creative force (divine feminine) through emotions
  • Thoughts, emotions and body: their inter-connectivity and impact on the expansion of human consciousness and your soul awakening
  • Nature and impact of human emotions from physiological and biological perspective

Microscopically speaking

  • Emotional behaviours and tendencies – are their karmic or conditioned?
  • Influence of cyclical phenomenon e.g. moon cycles, eclipses on individuals

Towards Self-Mastery of Emotions for One and All

  • Meaning of self-mastery
  • Why Now? From the standpoint of the human collective Spirit


PART 2:  Self Mastery of Human Emotions – A Hands-On Approach

Extended presentation topics incorporating group meditations, energy attunement to spirit guides, healing techniques demonstrations and healing practices by individuals (time permitting).

A Metaphysical Understanding of Emotions:

  • Water element as a processor, decoder and medium for emotions
  • Impact on water element on human consciousness awakening


Energetic Support from Evolved Beings from 6th dimensional Sirius Star System:

  • Who and what are the Sirius star beings?
  • Sirius beings’ presence on Earth in ancient history
  • Energy attunement to your Sirius spirit guides


Healing Techniques and Tools for Cultivating Self-Mastery of Emotions, including:

  • Energy transmissions from Sirius Star System for purifying your emotional body
  • Transforming addictive emotional patterns through your relationships
  • Restoring joy and trust in your inner child
  • ‘I AM a Pure Channel of Divine Love’ re-balancing meditation
  • Deploying waters of Mother Gaia as a healing agent

Planetary Service – group meditation for releasing emotional debris from Gaia’s oceans

Actual topics, healing techniques and energy activations channeled at workshop may differ from above outline, depending on spiritual needs of the group as directed by the Spirit Guides


Workshop Registration Info

Date:                 Part 1 on 23 Nov (Fri).  Part 2 on 24 Nov (Sat).  Day 1 participation is a pre-requisite for attending Day 2

Time:                 10am to 3pm on both days (an hour lunch break)

Other logistics:             Email  for details