Solstice Meditation: Beyond Light and Sound. 21 June. Singapore

A Meditation Channeled by Amara Tia Ann


The Ancient Ones have long known about the significance of equinoxes and solstices as the windows for bridging Heaven and Earth. Back then, using tribal rituals, sacred ceremonies, trance dances, prayers, chants and other spiritual practices as the communication media, our ancestors had channeled and shared healing gifts and mystical wisdom unveiled by the higher worlds on these designated days.

Beyond Light and Sound is a union of light frequencies, a symphony of vibrational sounds and a meeting of soul-ful minds, held in honour of our angelic lineage and in celebration of the first Solstice of 2019.

Overlit by Archangel Michael and seven other Archangels, this Solstice gathering will offer new insights on our multi-faceted being-ness extended from Source and our primoridal connection with the angelic world. We will also be blessed with energy tools for unifying and aligning our third-dimensional vessels (body, emotions and thoughts) with the higher knowing of our Soul and Over-Soul. 

Channeled Discourse:

  • Archangel Michael, warrior of light and protector of freewill
  • Angels and the story of Creation
  • Light frequencies, a patterning agent and activator of consciousness
  • Vibrational sounds, a transmitter and decoder of intelligence  
  • Beyond light and sound – the Source Code
  • Mission of the Earth Angels

Group Healing and Blessings from Seven Archangels:

  • Physical, emotional and mental body rebalancing
  • Light matrices alignment with your Soul and Monad
  • Gift of healing sounds and affirmations for enhancing divine knowing
  • Weaving fabric of angelic light and sound for connecting all Earth Angels

All is Welcome, for All is One.


  • Date: Friday, 21st June 2019
  • Time: 7:30pm to 9:00pm
  • Venue: SCWO, 96 Waterloo Street, Training Room 2
  • Fee: By donation
  • Seat Reservation: Email Ann at