Solstice Meditation “Timeless Being”. 21 Dec. Singapore

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Reclaiming Your Past to Birth Your Future

A Solstice Meditation led by Thoth and the Angels


A year-end communion with the

Angelic Kingdom, Cosmic Master Thoth and Planetary Lightworkers

    • Honor the completion of another cycle of spiritual growth and expansion
    • Heal and restore soul essence through merging of timelines and integration of Selves
    • Unlock soul wisdom of your Akashic Records in Halls of Amenti
    • Understand planetary vibratory theme of year 2020 to birth an empowering beginning
    • Offer healing light to Mother Gaia and her people

Appreciate the grandeur of your Being through the mirrors of Time!



Teachings of Thoth

    • Introducing Thoth
    • Experiencing linear time in relation to Earth’s magnetic field and Zero-point
    • Understanding death process and transference of soul energy between bodies
    • Soul-braided memories as akashic records of the Halls of Amenti
    • Year 2020 in the context of potentiality for human consciousness expansion

Group Healing – gifted by the Angelic Kingdom and Thoth 

    • Soul healing in the Halls of Amenti
    • Harmonise and integrate the different vibrational aspects of Self
    • Regenerate and revitalise the physical body through Earth’s Zero-point
    • Healing Gaia through Christ Consciousness grid



Date:                  21 Dec 2019 (Saturday)

Time:                  11am to 1pm

Venue:                SCWO. 96 Waterloo Center. Singapore.

Fees:                   By donation

Register:             Email Ann at anntay@acastme. Pre-registration is mandatory to secure your seat.


All is welcome…for all is one!