SoulTalk: A Channeling Course led by Thoth & Lady Nada. Aug and Sept

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A 2-day intensive course designed to support you in actualizing your natural gift in inter-dimensional communication (commonly known as channeling) with special emphasis on divining your Higher Self for guidance and remembering the Language of Light.



As multi-dimensional energy beings, humans are inevitably inter-connected with all realms of existence. Serving as a veil, the physical vessel gifted to humans for navigating and experiencing the world of matter (Earth) necessarily blocks out our conscious awareness and vibrational perception of other dimensional realities co-existing with Earth and humanity. In other words, humans are made to forget and disconnect with its multi-dimensional lineage and the corresponding capabilities, as an impetus to evolve beyond physicality and transcend the vibrational program of fear implanted in the human consciousness.

With the rapidly increasing vibrational rhythm on Earth and the prevalent galactic ascension energies stimulating the remembrance of our deeper memories, humanity is now ready to re-activate its potentiality as an embodiment and extension of an infinite and inter-connected universe. One critical aspect of such potentiality is the gift of cross-dimensional communication through vibrational sounds and interpretation. To this end, SoulTalk is commissioned by the Cosmic Master Thoth and Lady Master Nada, as another powerful resource for quickening the remembrance of your soul gifts and abilities.



Language of Light (LL) is fast pulsating energy embedded with high frequencies of light, sound and geometric patterns; i.e. the three enablers of higher consciousness and divine intelligence. LL can also be thought of as an intra- and inter-dimensional communication and transmission medium, although in the higher worlds, the exchange of thoughts can also occur without LL. When a human energy system is expanded sufficiently, it will begin to resonate (i.e. pulsate at similar vibrational rhythm) with the LL transmitted by and across the evolved star civilizations. Continuous entrainment with these ‘sounds of the stars’ then enables the human mind and nervous system to capture, decode and re-express them as the human version LL.

More about Language of Light at ACAST blog:



Day 1 – Divining Your Higher Self as Your First Counsel  

              Led by Lady Nada, Atlantis Priestess and Patron of Temple of Love

Channeled Teachings:

  • Getting to know Lady Nada – an Atlantean Earth incarnate and an Ascended Master of Spiritual Hierarchy
  • Atlantis civilization – a myth or a common memory?
  • ‘Modern’ human world vs ‘ancient’ Atlantis – similarities and differences in blueprint and human archetypal patterns being played out
  • Key to re-activating the gift of inter-dimensional dialoguing – triangulation of the glands in human brain

Energy activations:

  • Attunement to Lady Nada as your channeling mentor
  • Awakening the four higher senses of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance

Techniques and practices on channeling your Higher Self as your counsel:

  • Recognizing the voice of your Higher Self through deep meditation and toning
  • Interpreting your soul’s wisdom using mandalas, dowsing pendulums and intuitive expressions e.g. auto-writing, visual expressions
  • Download soul’s wisdom through dreams


Day 2 – Communing with the Stars through Language of Light

              Led by Thoth, Atlantis King Priest and Cosmic Master

Channeled Teachings:

  • Introducing Thoth – his role as Atlantis King Priest and scribe for Emerald Tablets
  • Atlantis crystal grid – the energy superhighway and inter-stellar communication infrastructure of ancient Atlantis
  • Light vs sound frequency – catalysts for enabling multi-dimensional communication
  • Language of Light – agent for transmitting and recoding higher mental programs

Energy activations and transmissions:

  • Awakening your crystalline body
  • Attunement to Atlantis crystal grid via Atlantic Ocean
  • Alignment of triple-glands in human brain to galactic center for receiving and decrypting messages from the stars
  • Activation of throat chakra for speaking the Light Language(s) of your star origin

Techniques and practices on remembering and speaking Light Language(s):

  • Vocal exercises
  • Reciting mantras for continuous activation of throat chakra and alignment of brain centers to galactic core
  • Channeling vibrational sounds of your personal ‘star name’
  • Purifying and strengthening your crystalline body


  1. The actual contents delivered may vary from the above outline depending on the specific learning needs of each group of participants
  2. Course fees include a printed manual and a crystal dowsing pendulum for each participant. Other tools, such as oracle cards, singing bowls and drawing materials, will be provided for practice during the course



SoulTalk will be available in Singapore and Hong Kong. Please email if you are keen to co-organize this course for your spiritual community based outside these countries.


Date:                  24 & 25 August 2019

Time:                  10am to 5pm

Venue:               Basic Essence, Cluny Court (opposite Botanic Gardens MRT Station)

Fees:                   S$460 per participant. Discounted fee S$410 for participants of The Adam Kadmon Recoded workshops 2019

Register:           Email Ann at Deposit S$80 required for confirming registration


HONG KONG (with live Cantonese interpretation)

Date:                  21 & 22 September 2019 (Equinox)

Time:                  9:30am to 5pm

Venue:               Pith, 11/F, Willie Building (偉利大廈), 222-224, Des Voeux Road Central

Fees:                  HK$3700 per participant. Discounted fee HK$3300 for participants of The Adam Kadmon Recoded workshops 2019. Deposit HK$500 for confirming registration

Register:           Email Jenny Kam at or WhatsApp       (852) 9699 1682