My thoughts on facilitating SoulTalk

Some Soul-ful Thoughts…

When my spirit guide Thoth came up with the idea of a channelling course as an opportunity for actualizing the vibrational theme of 2019, I jumped with joy! Restoring our natural intuitiveness and remembering the Language of Light through the art of channeling is, indeed, the perfect expression of a Divine Child. (Read Archangel Metatron’s message on potentiality of 2019: HERE). So, with jubilance, I present to you, SoulTalk – A Channeling Course Led by Thoth and Lady Nada, Powered by the Atlantis Crystal Grid.

Also known as the Thrice Born – after his incarnations as King Priest of Atlantis, Scribe and Alchemist of ancient Egypt, and Lord Hermes of Greece – Thoth is, in fact, the first guide from whom I received my first channeled message back in 2004. As we receive, more shall we give. I feel humbled and excited being able to now support others in becoming their own channels!

I believe I had been a disciple of Lady Master Nada during my Atlantis incarnations and still have vivid memories of her Temple of Love (retreated into etheric plane since) where I learnt about crystal-mind technology as a trainee priestess. I reconnected with Lady Nada around 2009 when I was working on the Science of Rays. Her presence is eternally gentle and loving, and her words, crystal clear.

I look forward to sharing an enriching and experiential course with you under the tutelage of these two great Masters.  Let’s SoulTalk!

 Amara Tia Ann

New Moon, 4 June 2019


Course program and registration details HERE.