‘The Adam Kadmon Recoded’ Workshop. Mar to May 2019

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New workshop led by the Elohim, powered by Orion Star System

Channeled by Amara Tia Ann

About the Adam Kadmon Race

The term ‘Adam Kadmon’ can be interpreted as the race of man created in the likeness of God. 

Unlike other beings and civilizations, the Adam Kadmon is uniquely designed with a physical body (in addition to its light bodies) that expresses duality fully. Correspondingly, the reality that it creates, by projecting thoughts into the world of matter, will reflect the same duality, such as experiencing day and night, intuition and logic, matter and emptiness, and judgements of good and bad. This phenomenon gives rise to the illusion of separation from Love and Oneness, and  thus forms the basis of evolution for the Adam Kadmon.   

The light bodies of the Adam Kadmon are genetically programmed with ascension codes which, when activated and neurologically ‘wired into’ the physical body, will catalyze a powerful awakening of its higher mental capabilities which not only transcend the illusory interpretation of duality but more significantly, will enable the mind to create higher vibrational realities mirroring only the beauty of duality held in perfect balance – such is the destiny of the Adam Kadmon.

Workshop Intention

I am told the year 2019 will usher in great potentiality for re-creation, analogous to returning to the Void before the first image of creation was projected out of God’s Mind (“As Above”). Applying the analogy to the evolution of Adam Kadmon on Earth (So Below), it means the time prior to man’s first mis-conceived perception of duality.

This new workshop, guided by the Elohim and Orion Star System, is intended as a vessel for holding the incoming re-creative energies of 2019:

  • To enable the Adam Kadmon genetic blueprint embedded in our subtle bodies to be vibrationally upgraded (“recoded”) and accordingly, more expediently activated
  • To bring about an accelerated evolution of our mind, so we may begin to manifest realities on Earth without the effects of the duality and fear

It a priceless opportunity to regress time and navigate through space to create your first non-dual thought as the recoded Adam Kadmon.

Spiritual Hosts – The Elohim and the Orion Star Nation

The Elohim

Best described as the creative aspect of God or Source, the Elohim has other names including Creator-Gods or Aleph which corresponds to the first Hebrew letter and connotes the beginning or the divine man. As spirit guides for the less evolved worlds, the Elohim awakens the primordial creative force seeded in all blueprints of life to bring about a quantum leap in consciousness and in the case of the Adam Kadmon specie dwelling in the physical world , a rapid paradigm shift in its reality creation and understanding. Essentially, the Elohim catalyzes the human being-ness into divine expressions of awakened-thoughts. Besides sharing its great wisdom (see workshop outline below), the presence of the Elohim at the workshop will activate phenomenally the  potentiality of the Adam Kadmon race, so we could optimize the re-creative energies of 2019 coming our way.

Orion Star Nation

Orion is one of the Christed star civilizations residing in the Milky Way galaxy, presently calibrated at the 8th dimensional frequency. The Orions work closely with the Elohim in perfecting and modifying the genetic design of all embodied consciousness and star systems to ensure a unified expression of freewill across the cosmos (that is, the evolution of individual civilizations and species through their exercise of freewill will not compromise the universal law of Oneness). Their role and expertise are wide-ranging, including that of a spiritual geneticist, healing technologist, evolution strategist and more.

Workshop Outline

Channeled Teachings:

  • Creation, as God ‘sees’ it
  • Role and expertise of the Elohim as the architects for creation
  • Higher purpose of the Adam Kadmon race and its uniqueness
  • Adam Kadmon and the Christed Star Nations – similarities and differences
  • Understanding how reality is  created and experienced by the higher worlds
  • Design of the human brain and its duality effect on experiencing reality
  • Karmic imprints in soul memory – a necessary evil for awakening the Adam Kadmon potential?
  • Recoding the Adam Kadmon divine blueprint to transform human thinking and reality manifestation
  • Hebrew language as conduit to God’s Mind and energy catalyst for awakening the Source Code (Hebrew as one of the five ancient spiritual languages)
  • Contribution from Orion Star System in recoding the Adam Kadmon template

Energy Transmissions, Meditations and Activations:

  • Stellar gateway (chakra of the Galaxy) activation
  • DNA activation (4th – 8th strand) for transcending polarity of human thoughts
  • Adam Kadmon template recoded with divine Fire Letters
  • Chanting Hebrew spiritual names of God and other prayers for mind-empowerment
  • Meditation in the ascension temple of the Elohim
  • Blessings from the 24-Elders-Who-Stand-Before-The-Throne

The actual teaching topics and energy transmissions channeled at the workshop may differ from the above outline, depending on the spiritual needs of the respective groups and as directed by the spirit guides.

The human body can be considered as both a gift and a curse. While it is a vehicle for creating and enjoying our Earth experiences, the body, through the workings of the human mind, also projects its inherent polarity to our physical realities. This resulting illusory perception of separation from the Whole forms the basis for all fear-based thoughts and expressions.

The Adam Kadmon Recoded workshop presents a timely opportunity to enable an quickened evolution of our mind, so we may manifest realities on Earth without the effects of fear and duality. Be vibrationally upgraded by the insightful teachings and powerful energy activations channeled from the Elohim… Be the Recoded Adam Kadmon!



Date:                  16 and 17 March 2019 (Sat & Sun)

                            Inauguration session in conjunction with Spring Equinox

Time:                  9am to 4pm on both days

Venue:               “InnSaei” Fullerton Centre, Room 2305, 19 Hung To Road, Kwan Tung, Kowloon

Fees:                   HK$ 3500 per participant

Register:            WhatsApp Goretti Ma at (852) 91087223 or Email at gorettiysma@gmail.com


Date:                  23 and 24 March 2019 (Sat & Sun)                        

Time:                  9am to 4pm on both days

Venue:               Self-Awareness Society.

Fees:                   S$440 per participant. Deposit $80 required to confirm your registration.

Register:            Email Ann at anntay@acast.me


Date:                   25 and 26 May 2019

Time:                  9:00 am to 4:00 pm on both days

Venue, Fee and registration: Email Maura at maura_fran@yahoo.com

UNITED KINGDOM – cancelled

Date:                   11 and 12 May 2019

Time:                  10:00 am to 5:00 pm on both days

Venue:                  Taunton, Somerset

Register interest: Andy at andy@acast.me