11.11 Meditation (online): Treading Parallel Worlds…with grace and harmony

11.11 Transmissions from Universal Logos Lord Melchizedek

Channeled by Amara Tia Ann

Registration closes 9th Nov.

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Just as a picture speaks a thousand words, number energies can reveal volumes of hidden knowledge and higher wisdom usually obscured by our logical mind.

For instance, the symbol ‘11’ is encoded with our potentialities as a light bringer, illuminator, messenger of higher truths and inspirational leader of new frontiers. It also catalyses the union of opposites and fosters harmony and peace amidst contrasts and chaos. Therefore, when interpreted in this light, the date ‘11.11’ is doubly potent for awakening our higher gifts as outlined.

Through the time portal of 11.11, Lord Melchizedek will speak about the phenomenon of living parallel realities consciously as the expanded experience of the awakened humans and how we may navigate this paradigm shift with grace and balance. Besides dispensing the 11th ray of soul expansion (i.e. becoming our galactic heritage), Melchizedek will also transmit potent frequencies to fast track the awakening and expressions of the wonderful qualities of ‘11’  through us – the conduits of the galactic age fast dawning on Earth.

About Lord Melchizedek

I know of the Ascended Master Melchizedek as the consciousness, energy and spirit guide who embodies our local universe of which Milky Way is part of. More recently, I was also told that Melchizedek is the sponsor of the Soul Ray 11 of platinum – the frequency representing the galactic-human world.


Melchizedek speaks on…

  • Universal mind – as the quantum field of higher intelligence and coherent multiple realities
  • Trajectory of human consciousness expansion – in the ‘eyes’ of the galaxy
  • 11.11 gateway – optimal interpretation and application
  • The inevitable paradigm shift – treading the parallel worlds of mind (galactic) and matter (human) with sanity, balance and grace

Energy Transmissions and Activations …

  • Platinum ray of soul expansion and remembrance (a.ka. Soul Ray “11”)
  • Transcendental qualities of the symbol ’11’
  • Plugging into the quantum field of infinite possibilities and parallel realities (higher octave of 11)
  • Rooting as a member of humanity and a peacemaker (lower aspect of 11)

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