Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation (online): A Gentle Touch of Magic. 26 May

An Extraordinary Full Moon Season

Full Moon energies are deeply healing and transformative as they have the effect of bringing to light emotions of fear that are still held by the body.

The full moon of May, also a Super Moon (the moon being in exceptionally close proximity to Earth), will be further charged up by a total lunar eclipse. We can therefore expect these joint astro phenomena  to open up a totally electrifying healing space for us.     

To moderate the heightened intensity while optimising the expansion potentiality of this lunar season, the Pleiades guides have, very cleverly, chosen ‘gentle healing and magical creation’ as the theme for our group meditation.

Speaking of magic, the group will also connect with the elemental world of unicorns, fairies and crystals as conduits, enabling more of humanity to experience the lightnesss of being, beyond form.

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The Pleiades Sisterhood – Realm of Timeless Magic

The Pleiadeans – dwellers of the 4th dimensional world – express their divine creative potential and evolve their consciousness through the experience of space and collectivity of the heart (i.e., one heart, many minds). Unlike Earth dwellers, however, they do not operate with nor are they constrained in their creations by linear time. These characteristics of their world and being-ness not only enable immediate manifestations of thoughts as ‘physical’ experiences in space, but also render the seeding of negative karma impossible in their realm (since all thoughts and desires stem from the collective heart of love frequency). 

In this sense, we can regard the Pleiades world as of one of timeless magic.


With the 4th dimensional strand of the human spiritual DNA fast awakening during current time of ‘the quickening’, we shall soon begin to create lovingly and effortlessly with magic…as an expansion of our earthly experiences and mastery of space.

All that is needed is our willingness and readiness for our Pleiadian-Self to unfold under the canopy of galactic light, sounds and colors now enveloping Earth.

May the fears remembered by your body through time be healed with ‘A Gentle Touch of Magic’ cast by the Pleiadians!


Knowledge is Power (channeled messages):

  • 3rd dimension of physicality – the foothold for evolution to permeate through space and perpetuate through time
  • 4th dimension of immateriality – the threshold to expand mind power with heart wisdom
  • A shared destiny – Pleiades communities flourishing on Earth in no time

Energy is Truth (healing and light bodies expansion with language of light):

  • Release of past traumas from body’s memory and akashic records – karmic, ancestry or archetypal energy patterns
  • Awaken intuitive insights of the heart
  • Initiation to the world of elements – unicorns, fairies, crystals – to ground lower octave Pleiades presence on Earth
  • Gift from Pleiaides High Council – Recode 4D light body to maneuver time corridors for MAGICAL manifestation of heartfelt desires

Registration (closed)

Date – 26th May 2021, Wednesday (Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse)

Time# – 6:30pm to 7:45pm Singapore time (GMT+8). Check time conversion  

Facility – Zoom conferencing. Meeting link will be provided upon registration confirmation

Fees – Singapore Dollars SGD22 per person

Payment Methods – HERE

Register^ – Email info@acast.me with caption “Join May 26 Meditation’ and attach your payment details for confirming your registration

# full lunar eclipse begins approx. 7:11pm SGT (or 11:11am GMT) on 26.5.2021

^ Registration closes 23 May