ILLUMINE – New Moon Solar Eclipse Meditation. 4 Dec 2021.

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It’s all about divine timing and intention!

Every new moon presents a time window for us to re-set our intentions and accordingly, re-align our energies and mental focus. Whenever the new moon is co-joined with a solar eclipse, we can expect its potential to catalyze new beginnings and rejuvenating changes to be massively amplified.

The final new moon for the year will be graced with a total solar eclipse. With these two astro-events coming together as a powerful light tunnel and portal and, occurring precisely at the transitory juncture of an old and new solar cycle (2021-2022), I am being nudged by the Elohim guides to put together this special meditation for harnessing the enhanced potency of the December new moon.

ILLUMINE is about igniting your star light, so it may enlighten your human mind and upgrade your physical and etheric vessels for BE-coming your own Creator. Join us for this illuminating session led by the Elohim!

Meditation Intention

Accelerate the awakening of our Galactic-Human potential by riding on the:

  • auspicious timing of the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse window
  • potency of the Elohim divine presence and energy gifts


A 75-min event of profound insights, advanced knowledge, and ‘mind-altering’ energy transmissions from the Elohim to activate our potential as infinite creative intelligence.

Featuring the following topics and supportive energy activations:

  • Role of the Elohim in Creation 
  • Uniqueness of the Galactic-Human specie
  • Creation codes of the Elohim: their nature and relevance to humanity awakening as higher intelligence
  • Re-programming of the human 5th-dimensional mental body via creation codes activation 
  • Expanding creative space in the emotional body through vibrational alignment with the Divine Mother
  • ILLUMINE: construct energy bridges to the World of the Elohim for the awakening of All 

About the Elohim

Best described as the creative aspect of God or Source, the Elohim has other names including Creator-Gods or Aleph which corresponds to the first Hebrew letter and connotes the beginning or the divine man.

As spirit guides for the less evolved worlds, the Elohim awakens the primordial creative force seeded in all blueprints of life to bring about a quantum leap in consciousness and in the case of the Galactic-Human (Adam Kadmon) specie dwelling in the physical world, a rapid paradigm shift in its reality creation and understanding. Essentially, the Elohim catalyzes the human being-ness into divine expressions of awakened-thoughts.

Besides sharing their great wisdom, the dispensation of new creation codes by the Elohim at the meditation will activate phenomenally the celestial potentiality of humanity, so we could Be-come the Luminaries of the galactic age dawning on Earth.

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