Meditation (online): TRANSFORMING REALITIES, FROM INSIDE OUT. 8th August

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What’s the session about?

One key attribute of embodying a galactic consciousness is the increased ability to master our external realities using thoughts generated consciously and with clear intention.

A pre-requisite for achieving this mastery is the perfect synchronization of the mind and the body to enable these intentions to be manifested with consistent results.  This also means every cell in the body needs to think the same thought (intention) and be fed with the same high vibrational frequency used by the mind in generating that conscious thought.

However, the residual low-vibrational memories held in our body cells coupled with the denser energy environment prevailing the external world can undermine the important synchronization effort of the mind and body when it comes to realizing our manifestation potential. By elevating our inner realities  – constructed by out-dated beliefs, karmic memories and toxic chemicals found in our body  – we  enable the power of our galactic mind to be properly switched on.

So, join me and our Guides at this timely healing session of ‘Transforming Realities, from Inside Out’!  

See program below.

Why on 8.8?

The Lion’s Gate planetary activation of 8th August will usher in tremendous amounts of healing and transformational energy from within Earth (conduit: Lioness Goddess Sekhmet) and through the stellar portals (conduit: Arcturus light beings).

Indeed, a perfect time to further anchor our galactic light (aspect higher of the symbol ‘8’) and deepen the healing and rejuvenation that may be much needed by the body (lower aspect ‘8’) at this time.


Part 1: Expand the physical body as an instrument for manifestation  – led by Sekhmet

  • Strengthening the detoxifying organs (liver, kidneys, lungs) and purging negativity and toxins
  • Improving quality of breath and thus, your inner visions
  • Align magnetic spin of body cells with Earth’s magetic poles
  • Healing meditation for home practice

Part 2:  Upgrade mental programming and improve vibrational alignment between mind and body – led by the Arcturus Light Beings

  • Heighten telepathic connection with Arcturus to ground and BECOME an galactic intelligence
  • Align the conscious thoughts of the mind with the thinking tendencies of the body
  • Home practice for light body expansion  


Date – 8 August 2021, Sunday. Lion’s Gate

Time – 2pm to 3:15pm Singapore time (GMT+8). Check time conversion  

Facility – Zoom conferencing. Meeting link will be provided upon registration confirmation

Fees – Singapore Dollars SGD22 per person

Payment Methods – HERE

Register – Email with caption “Join 8.8 Meditation’ and attach your payment details for confirming your registration

Registration closes 6 August 2021