Workshop (online): CONVERGENCE. 23-24 Oct

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Workshop Intention

For those who are ready in their consciousness and light vehicles, ascension to the Soul is imminent”

– transmitted by Thoth, 2 September 2021

This workshop is about

…priming our bodies for the ultimate goal of ascension which underpinned all our physical incarnations

…fulfilling a promise scribed in our soul memory by the Creator 

…converging light spectrum within and around us for the journey home…to the Void

Why this Workshop Now

For many of us, the vibrational programs which we were incarnated with are fast completing themselves at a pace not accessible by humanity previously.  These programs contain the energy frequencies of our karma (human aspect) and soul attributes (galactic aspect) and together, they have patterned and manifested as our third-dimensional realities for the ongoing expansion of our soul – an eternal and cross-dimensional consciousness.

What comes next then? Let Thoth enlighten you with his insights and equip your bodies for the impending transition.

Workshop Host – Cosmic Master, Thoth

Inscription of Thoth, Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt

I know Thoth as an ageless and timeless cosmic being and a great teacher who generously shares his vast knowledge on the design, evolution, and divine purpose of ourselves – the galactic humans.

His teachings are usually accompanied by cleverly crafted and easy-to-apply healing and meditation practices to support our bodies in holding and becoming the higher frequencies of our spiritual heritage.

At this workshop, Thoth will speak as Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites (King Priest of Atlantis) and Djehuty (Egyptian Moon God of writing, magical science, and healing arts) simultaneously, so we may experience and be entrained in the dual frequencies from the golden ages of ancient Atlantis and Egypt.


The workshop will be presented as two inter-connected segments, both comprising channeled teachings and the associated energy activations.

Part 1 – Ascension of Atlantis Origin

Led by Thoth as the Atlantean King Priest and the Time Lord

  • The End Times: completing the current 26,000-year evolutionary cycle for Milky Way and her inhabitants; implications on humanity
  • The First Ones: the ‘Zep Tepi’ species of Atlantis seeded at the beginning of time; guardians of the Source Code
  • The Mirage of Time: enfolding of time corridors and impact on soul awakening and human memories
  • The Collapse of Space: transformation of the physical body from matter (sensorily-driven) to frequencies (light-patterned)
  • Ascension Unpacked: understanding ascension as the gift and the-given

Part 2: Ascension Paths of the Ancient Egyptians

Thoth as the Egyptian God of science, magic, healing, and knowledge

  • Embalming the Ego: converging light spectrum within 
  • Journey to the Under World:  meeting oneself at death and in the after life
  • Raising the Dead: ascension to one’s soul garment
  • Returning to the Void: connecting with light tunnels and Earth portals to facilitate the ascension process e.g., ‘Temple of Man’ in Luxor, Sphinx of Giza Plateau etc.     

Registration Details

  • Dates:             Part 1 – 23 Oct (Sat); Part 2 – 24 Oct (Sun)
  • Time:              2pm to 5:30pm for each part (GMT+8). check time conversion
  • Platform:        Zoom video conferencing 
  • Fees:                S$180/person, payable upon registration. S$60 for repeat attendees
  • Payment options:

Singapore-based participants – PayNow to UEN T11LL2214A

Overseas participants – An invoice will be issued through PayPal (charges apply)

  • Register: Email with caption ‘CONVERGENCE workshop registration’