Solstice Meditation (online): EL MAL’AKH – Angels’ Sounds of Re-creation. 20 June

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The Story of Tara and the Divine Man

In the beginning, the angels descended to a far corner of the Milky Way to aid the birth of Tara. They brought with them the divine blueprint of Tara created by the Elohim.  Through timeless cycles, the angels protected and breathed light into this blueprint until the creation codes of Tara began to awaken to the angels’ light and dance to the rhythm of the angels’ prayers. Eons later, having in-gathered sufficient light frequencies to sustain her awakened consciousness, Tara manifested a body out of a multitude of colors and the elements of water, fire, earth, and air. The angels left Tara as she awaited the arrival of her dwellers…beings from the minerals, animal and plant kingdoms, and the magnificent Adam Kadmon race – hailed the Divine Man.         

As they bid farewell to their dear child Tara, the angels whispered a blessing,

we shall be back to re-ignite your heart of diamond light when all seems bleak in the mind of Man and their bodies heavy with fears and toxicity. Through our embrace, the crystalline body of the Divine Man can, once again, glitter with angelic light.”

Meditation Intentions

Transmitted by the mighty Archangel Mikha’el (‘Michael’ in Hebrew), I was told that the meditation title ‘EL MAL’AKH’ (Hebrew) means Angels of God.

Happening on this Summer/Winter Solstice (northern/southern hemisphere), the meditation will be transmitted extensively through Language of Light sequences and is encoded with these intentions:

  • Ushering in healing light of the Archangels for repairing, boosting, and recalibrating the meridian lines of Earth through her chakras
  • Accessing the ancient codes of re-creation (of the perfect human body) via the sacred doorway of the Temple of Solomon
  • Strengthening the human physiology through the crystalline body
  • Awakening the earth angels of Tara     

Expect an extraordinary Solstice reunion of Angels, Tara, and Man under a torrential downpour  of light, sound, colours and memories!


Date – 20th June 2021, Sunday (Solstice)

Time – 6pm to 7:15pm Singapore time (GMT+8). Check time conversion  

Facility – Zoom conferencing. Meeting link will be provided upon registration confirmation

Fees – Singapore Dollars SGD22 per person

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