Solstice Meditation (onsite) – REMEMBERING UNDAL, TEMPLE OF LIGHT. 21 Dec 2021. Singapore

Placed HE them on the island of UNDAL to stand as teachers of LIGHT to men…Thus, there came into being the Temple, a dwelling place for the Master of men.”

Emerald Tablet V


To close the year 2021 with planetary clearing of fear vibrations and by igniting the path towards an en-lightening 2022:  

  • stimulate our soul remembrance as teachers of light for New Earth and her people
  • re-activate the memory grids of UNDAL – Atlantis priesthood temple – to quicken materialization of New Earth
  • celebrate our eternal connection with the Angels as guardians of mankind

Spiritual Hosts

The Angelic realm – guardian of humanity and the harmonizing agent to repair and restore the Oneness grids on earth

Thoth – Cosmic Master, Timekeeper and steward of New Atlantis program i.e in reviving Atlantis memory grids as the 5th dimensional (5D) reality of New Earth and the Awakened Ones   


Be supported by the Angels to release the past and the old …

  • planetary cleansing of fear-based thoughts and emotions through the collective subconscious and unconscious
  • repair energy breakages on the Oneness grids of Earth to restore and heighten planetary harmony

Receive Thoth’s energy transmissions and guidance to materialize the future and the new…

  • Ignite soul memory and/or be initiated (via your current body) as a teacher of light of Undal Temple
  • Re-activate and recode the 5D energy grids of Atlantis with the prevalent galactic frequencies overlaid on Earth
  • Heal physical body and upgrade light vehicles to maintain balance and integrity as the Awakened One

Celebrate the timeless love connection with the Angels in the Present…

  • Receive, amplify, and disseminate the love frequency of the Angels

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