Bali Retreat Sept: UNDAL-Building New Atlantis

When the mind is ready, the eyes, too, begin to see the reality

– (channeled) Thoth, Atlantis King Priest

Atlantis is Rising, and Rise, It Shall!

This retreat is about rapidly awakening the mind, so it may out-picture the shared memories of Golden Atlantis as today’s common reality.

Atlantis will soon rise from the deep sea of our memories, for we – the pioneers of New Atlantis and guardians of New Earth – have heard its call.

Once again, the lightkeepers of Atlantis shall gather at Undal to witness its first Light. It’s time…it’s time.     

What is Undal? Why is retreat led by the Andromeda High Council?

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Looking forward to a well reserved R&R (recharge and recalibrate) time along the eastern coast of Bali with a cozy group of spiritual aspirants?

Consider registering early. Places are limited to 16 pax

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