Lion’s Gate Meditation (online) hosted by the Elohim and Orion Star System – BUILDING BRIDGES. 8.8.2022

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An opportunity to ride on the heart-opening energies of the Elohim accessible through the Lion’s Gate portal for actualizing our God potential, individually and collectively.

Building Bridges is about appreciating and unifying the various inter-connected dimensional aspects of ourselves, so we may embody and express optimally our creative spirit (individuals’ God potential). The unification so restored in our energetic bodies and across our inter-dimensional selves naturally enables us as effective energy bridges and conduits for materializing Oneness (collective’s God-like quality) in our personal realities and on Earth.

About the Elohim

Best described as the creative aspect of God or Source, the Elohim has other names including Creator-Gods or Aleph which corresponds to the first Hebrew letter and connotes the beginning or the divine man. As spirit guides for the less evolved worlds, the Elohim awakens the primordial creative force seeded in all blueprints of life to bring about a quantum leap in consciousness and in the case of the human specie experiencing the physical world, a rapid paradigm shift in its reality creation, understanding and mastery.

Hebrew letter Aleph

About the Orion Star System

Orion is one of the Christed star civilizations residing in the Milky Way galaxy, presently calibrated at the 8th dimensional frequency. The Orions work closely with the Elohim in perfecting and re-calibrating the genetic design of all embodied consciousness and star systems to ensure a unified expression of freewill across the cosmos (that is, the universal law of Oneness is upheld eternally regardless of the evolution of the respective civilizations and their species which inevitably entails the exercise of freewill). Their role and expertise are wide-ranging, including that of a spiritual geneticist, healing technologist, evolution strategist and more.

Program Outline

Expand Knowledge through channeled teachings:

  • Symbology of ‘8’ and ’88’ for healing and expansion purposes
  • Role of the Elohim in designing and enlivening the human divine blueprint
  • Significance of the Orion system in upholding the Elohim’s role
  • Identify and harness the higher aspects of ourselves – Elohim and Orion – through the human physical and light bodies 

Augment and embody knowledge through Lion’s Gate energy keys:

  • Harmonize discordant energies, intra- and inter-bodies, to expand heart chakra   
    • Within the human 3D vessels – physical, emotional, mental and chakra body
    • Across the 3D and higher light garments  
  • Activate the Elohim presence (i.e. God being-ness) in our cellular memory to actualize creative potential
  • Attune our mental body to the Orion system to energize the Oneness frequency for a quickened awakening of DNA potentials
  • Build Bridges – share the above energy gifts with the world via heart chakra portal     


Date:            8 August 2022. Monday

Time:            7:30pm to 8:45pm Singapore time (GMT+8). check  time conversion

Platform:      Zoom video conferencing

Fees:             SGD22/person (PayPal charges apply), payable upon registration

Payment options:
a) Singapore-based participants – PayNow S$22 to UEN T11LL2214A

b) Overseas participants – send S$24 to PayPal account

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Registration closes 6 August.