CANOPY OF LIGHT, TRAIL OF LOVE – 11.11 Meditation (online) hosted by Pleiades and the Ascended Masters

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11.11 – The Magic Window

When unlocked, the secrets of numbers and their arrangements can serve as useful metaphysical tools for tapping into our soul’s wisdom and qualities.   

Nicked-named the ‘peacemaker’, the number ‘11’ is encoded with great potential to manifest, restore and amplify the energy patterns of harmony, peace and balance. Furthermore, it does so by invoking inspiration, awe, healing, magic, intuitive guidance and a desire to be of service to All.   

Knowing is Becoming and Practice makes Perfect.

We can, therefore, optimize the time window of 11.11 (11th November) every year to awaken the peacemaker in ourselves and energize the other uplifting qualities of 11.

11.11.(20)22 – Enabling the Descend of Star Seeds and Ascension of Human Soul…Harmoniously

Flanked by two varied but equally benevolent group of guides – the 4th dimensional star beings of Pleiades and the Ascended Masters of Shamballa – this year’s 11.11 meditation will focus on:

  • activate higher octave of ‘11’ as the gateway to the celestial worlds to (i) actualize our 4D Pleiades gifts and abilities; and (ii) support the descend of star seeds on earth as the new wave of “star-humans” by anchoring Pleiadian light
  • embody lower octave of ‘11’ to become the peacemaker, healer and divine messenger for humanity during this time of rapid awakening and be initiated to the Spiritual Hierarchy to accelerate our soul’s ascension.

Program Outline

CANAOPY OF LIGHT: Transmissions from the Pleiades Star Council

  • The Pleiadian heritage in humanity’s collective soul
  • Beaming Pleiadian light from within (DNA recoding and activation)
  • Weave the Pleiades canopy of light in the Earth sky (a nestle for star children descending on earth)
  • Embody Pleiadian qualities from around (attract your Pleiadian twin soul)  

TRAIL OF LOVE: Messages and Blessings of the Ascended Masters

  • Shamballa – etheric ashram of the Ascended Masters
  • Unlock the vibrational qualities of ‘11’ as an Ascended Master-to-be
  • Karmic release by the Lords of Karma
  • Following the trail of love and compassion: Initiation by the Ascended Masters
  • Spin the web of peace, harmony and compassion for humanity 

Spirit Guides

The Pleiades Star System

Dwelling in a higher realm of 4D consciousness, the Pleiades star civilization is genetically connected with humanity as its twin soul. Both destinies have remained inter-twined for countless cycles such that the onward evolution of Pleiades (to transcend space completely) is dependent on humanity’s awakening from its inherent 3D fear-based programming. I know the Pleiadians as great teachers of love and joyful manifestations

The Ascended Masters

As embodiments of Christ Consciousness, these Masters have journeyed the same ascension path as what’s lying ahead of humanity i.e. to attain enlightenment of the mind and thus, the body by mastering unconditional love and other human virtues. Connect with the Ascended Masters as your mentors for becoming the Divine Man.  


Date:            11 November 2022. Friday

Time:            7:30pm to 8:45pm Singapore time (GMT+8). check  time conversion

Platform:      Zoom video conferencing

Fees:             SGD22/person (PayPal charges apply). Fees are payable upon registration

Payment options:
a) Singapore-based participants – PayNow S$22 to UEN T11LL2214A

b) Overseas participants – send S$24 (includes S$2 charges) to PayPal account

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Registration closes 9 Nov.