Solstice Meditation: GLOW 21.12.2022. Singapore


The solstice season of every December opens up a perfect window for us to unwind, dial back, and simply, BE.

Immersing in the BE state allows the mind to surrender to the Present moment and tune-in to the sacred space within, thereby sealing the body’s energetic connection with the Divine to bring about true healing and sustainable consciousness shifts.

Specifically, once plugged into the universal field of unlimited potential, the light fibres in our energy system will begin to glow as our God intelligence is awakened and God-like qualities re-membered.

Thus, GLOW, a solstice communion in Singapore, has been commissioned by the guides for our onward expansion as peaceful and loving God beings. 


In the last decade, we have had the Archangels gracing our annual year-end Solstice celebrations. Interestingly, this year, for the first time, we have the Seraphim – celestial beings of a supreme order from the angelic kingdom – helming our gathering and meditation.

In the mighty presence of the Seraphim, we shall learn to cultivate the BE state for:

  • the body to readily receive profound healing, and
  • the mind to enlighten to its inherent God wisdom.

Under the wings of the Seraphim, our light body shall remember to GLOW once again, and our divine knowing and self-love reignited.  


Channeled Insights, Group Healing, Initiation and Meditation

  • The Seraphim – Order in Angelic Realm, Role, Qualities
  • Visitation to earth realm through lightworkers – why now?
  • Cultivating the BE state
  • Attunement to the Seraphim
  • Healing bodily trauma and subconscious memories of unworthiness
  • Firing up the DNA of God consciousness
  • Know your guardian angels – How?
  • GLOW in peace and self-love


The meditation is organised as an onsite event in Singapore

Date:   21st Dec 2022. Wednesday. Solstice.

Time:   7:30pm to 9:00pm Singapore time

Venue: SCWO 96 Waterloo Street S187967

Fees:    Cash donations at door 🙏

Seating capacity: 50.

Register: Email, entitled ‘Register Solstice Meditation’

Pre-registration is mandatory to secure your seat.

Registration closes 19th Dec or when seats are filled, whichever is earlier