Solstice Meditation (online): A DREAM FORGOTTEN. 21 June

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A Few Words …

Serving as their channel and messenger, I have had the privilege and honor of connecting with the masters and enlightened beings of different realms across the universe. Interestingly, I have yet to channel life forms and consciousness residing ‘beneath’ the Earth, including the etheric community commonly known as the Inner Earth people.       

If you are just as intrigued to find out more about the Inner Earth tribe and its significance to the human’s evolutionary journey, please join me on this Solstice for A DREAM FORGOTTEN: Conversations with the Inner Earth People (channeled session).

Amara Tia Ann


Earth, as both a physical space for 3rd-dimensional dwelling and a multi-dimensional consciousness, holds many realms and kingdoms within her etheric body. The Inner Earth beings, among others, are such native residents of Earth.

As ancient as Earth herself, this mystical tribe has not had many interactions and interfaces with mankind of modern times. Nevertheless, with dimensional veils thinning by the day and accordingly, the experience of linear time and illusion of physical separation waning, we are now ready to unite with the Inner Earth People as our ancestors and future-selves.

As we awaken to and co-own the myriad of frequencies whose life forms are supported by Earth, not only shall we regain our wholesomeness as her children, we will certainly also contribute to Earth’s consciousness expansion as well as that of the Inner Earth beings. When we heal One, we heal All.

Join us on this Solstice for a (channeled) heart-to-heart conversation with the Inner Earth People. It’s time to remember A DREAM FORGOTTEN.

Faces of the Dream

Connect with the Inner Earth tribe through channeled insights and healing frequencies…

  • Why the name ‘inner earth’?
  • Origin
  • Ancestry connection with mankind
  • Involvement in spiritual awakening of mankind – past evolutionary cycles and present
  • Existential purpose in the eyes of the cosmos
  • Spiritual gifts and blessings to share with mankind

Receive healings from Earth’s crystalline body.

Event Info & Registration

Date:             21st June 2022. Tuesday

Time:             7:30pm to 8:45pm (GMT+8). check  time conversion

Platform:       Zoom video conferencing

Fees:              SGD22/person (PayPal charges apply), payable upon registration

Payment options:
a) Singapore-based participants – PayNow S$22 to UEN T11LL2214A

b) Overseas participants – send S$24 to PayPal account

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Registration closes 19th June.