Workshop: COCOONED – Enabling Soul and Body Transformation with Divine Knowing. April & May 2022

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All of humanity is experiencing RAPID CHANGES in our common realities. For some, these changes are unsettling and intimidating; for others, they arouse excitement and curiosity. From a spirituality standpoint, these massive shifts in the external order merely reflect the fast awakening of the human’s quantum mind and our Soul-Self.

The energy frequencies we individually weave into our changing external circumstances – projected as opinions, emotions, judgements, wishes etc. – directly impact the manifestation of our next moments (self-responsibility and empowerment).

At the same time, our personal creation process is increasingly being influenced by the actions and underlying vibes of others around us (oneness effect amplified) which, at times, can be draining on the body and dampening to the spirit.

How then can we ride these current times of massive transformation with a fair amount of self-nurture and protection while remaining receptive to the inherent effects of mass awakening? To the Cosmic Mother, the key lies in the art of active passivity during this pivotal time of breaking through.

Workshop Intention

Workshop ‘COCOONED’ is about mastering energy shifts and realities expansion with heightened claircognizance.

Also known as Divine Knowing, claircognizance is the ability to connect with and receive guidance from our higher aspects at will (soul, spirit guides and Source), so we may navigate our earth lives skillfully and awaken our divine wisdom to fulfill our soul purpose….while the inter-dimensional shifts continue to deepen.

Such a spiritual gift can be awakened with an optimal activation of the crown chakra coupled with actively upgrading the energy circuitry of the human nervous system. With Divine Knowing comes intuitive thoughts of greater creative potential which, in turn, entrain the body to generate only positive emotions and calibrated actions – all of which serve to protect the integrity of our personal expansion process (self-nurture) while enabling our purposeful thoughts to be widely shared through an expanded crown chakra (supports mass awakening).   

As we cocoon ourselves in the womb of the Cosmic Mother, we will be guided and equipped to ride our transformational journeys with empowering subtlety i.e., through the art of becoming more with doing less.

Program Outline *

The workshop will be over-lit by the Cosmic Mother and several Masters of Light from the etheric plane.  Includes teachings, guided meditations, energy activations and healing practices covering the following topics:

  • The Current Times as living in-between eras and dimensional realities
  • Paradigm shifts of the human experience – how much can individuals control and how?
  • Claircognizant ability – why its importance now?
  • Claircognizance and the quantum mind – same or different?
  • Developing claircognizance
  • Vibrational upgrade of human nervous system – the backbone for enabling safe physiological changes to the ‘reborn’ human body of 5th dimensional light frequency
  • Self-nurture vs selfless service – which takes priority now?
  • Emerging from the cocoon – a new destiny awaits

* the actual transmissions may differ from the above outline, as directed by the Guides

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