23 September: Equinox Meditation – In The Heart Of Gaia. Singapore

Earth is our Home: It is my intention and my pleasure to experience you to the fullest of my capacity in this lifetime. I am asking you great Earth, to help and assist me in locating a place of comfort, joy and safety and adventure – a place where I can come to know myself and to know you as Home.”

 – A prayer from “Earth: Pleiadian Keys to Living Library” by Barbara Marciniak


As we approach the next Equinox, a symbolic day of equal day and night, we are once again reminded of the delicate need to accept and balance all expressions of duality existing on Earth and within ourselves. To this end, I have been asked to organise this special meditation “In the Heart of Gaia” to honour Mother Earth as the school of duality and ascension preparation.

Join us for a colourful evening of Shamanic drumming, rituals, prayers, planetary healing and to receive the teachings and blessings from Gaia and the Goddesses gracing the Equinox celebration. We will also anchor the Equinox energy at  the sacred sites in Peru through a short homemade video.


  • Session opening: Drumming by Stacy (read more about Stacy below)
  • Ritual in honour of the cardinal directions and the four elements
  • Channeled teachings and healings
    • Heaven & Earth As One: Ascension of Earth in the context of the Galaxy’s evolutionary path
    • Non-existence of Duality in the Higher Worlds: Truth or Myth
    • Embracing your Femininity and Masculinity: Practical Tips
    • Healing – release 3D programming of judgemental thinking
    • Healing – rebalancing and harmonising all aspects of Self
  • Video:  “A Shaman’s Tale: Sacred Journey to Peru”
  • Planetary healing and group prayer


Stacy lives and breathes music. Having been singing and playing music all her life, she believes in its power to heal. Her love of songwriting has lead to the release of 2 albums with her former bands, in which she sings and plays several  instruments. Stacy has always felt guided in her music, and also in her healing work, acting as a conduit for the divine. She believes in everyone’s ability to heal themselves and helps to empower them using various techniques, including, of course, sound and music. Additionally, one of Stacy’s dreams is to experience physical teleportation at least once in this lifetime…



Date:  23 September 2014 (Tuesday)

Time:  7.30pm to 9.30pm

Venue:  SCWO, 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore, 187967

Fees:  S$30 per person

Register:  Email Ann at anntay@acast.me

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