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Rising of the Phoenix is an intensely powerful workshop, building on the work presented at the 2013 Making Of The New Adam Kadmon.  Representing the Spiritual Hierarchy in dispensing the Joy frequency and the important teachings at this new workshop will be Ascended Master Maitreya and Archangel Metatron, along with his legion of angels and archangels. The Galactic Federation of Light will overshadow the event as overarching support.

The key intent of the workshop is to activate our Golden Light Body as the conduit to magnetize, assimilate, project and BE the Joy frequency that’s being infused into Earth’s body. The prevalence of Joy naturally accelerates the dissolution of the old mental programming of fear and limitations. The all-new teachings from Maitreya and Metatron will further prepare Light workers to become spiritual teachers and Ascended Masters of the emerging era of the Awakened Star Human.

If you feel ready to embody Joy fully, then you’ve got the timing right. Read BACKGROUND below for the insightful explanations from our guides. Rising of the Phoenix welcomes your joyous presence!



For some time now, my guides have shared it will take 36 months from 21 December 2012 for Earth to stabilise and settle properly into her 5th Dimensional (5D) garment of light. They have also often reminded me that transformation and evolution occurs in cycles, comprising of contractionary and expansionary stages within each cycle. In this sense, we can view the 36-month morphing period as a cycle in itself, with the first 18 months (contractionary) as a time for Earth to purge and release fear-based emotional and mental patterns that mankind has imprinted upon her consciousness and energy body.

The recent Solstice on 21 June 2014 marked the beginning of the latter 18-months (expansionary) of the said cycle. Having grown beyond the shadows of the past, Earth is now ready to expand and fully become the vibrations of her 5D Self. To support Earth on this upswing momentum till she anchors her 5D light completely on her physical body by 21 December 2015, we can expect an outpour of the frequency of Joy from the Spiritual Hierarchy as a catalytic force in the coming 18 months.

Thickened Phoenix

I am told this new light shining upon Earth WILL BE so contagiously joyous. As an inseparable part of Earth, are you ready to jump on the wagon of joyous being? Like a golden phoenix rising above the ashes of fear, are you about to launch your flight towards heavenly joy? Rising of the Phoenix awaits you joyously.



Channeled Teachings

The Galactic Federation of Light Speaks:

  • Its role in the context of Earth’s evolution and transformation of mankind
  • Significance of the 18-month period 21.6.2014 through 21.12.2015, from the perspectives of the Galaxy, Solar System, Earth and the star-human potential

Maitreya Speaks:

  • Relevance of the Office of the Christ in the current transition of Earth and the human consciousness
  • Nature of the Golden Light Body
  • Relationship between the different components of the human light body , such as Golden Light Body, Diamond Light Body (Adam Kadmon) and crystalline matrix
  • Difference in energetic properties between the Love and Joy frequency
  • Attraction of Joy through the Golden Light Body – how does this work?
  • The Phoenix Grid as the collective Golden Light Body
  • Christ Consciousness Grid and Phoenix Grid – their difference and relationship
  • What is Ascension?
  • Joining the dots – connection between ascension and the following concepts:
        • divine blueprint of a star human ( 12-strand DNA potential)
        • human light body
        • frequencies of love and joy
        • expression of divine qualities through human thoughts and behaviours

Archangel Metatron Speaks:

  • Contribution and support from the angelic realm towards awakening the star human
  • Connection between the works of “Rising of the Phoenix ” and “Making of the New Adam Kadmon”
  • Revisit key teachings from “Making of the New Adam Kadmon”
  • A functional Diamond Light Body as foundation for awakening the Golden Light Body
  • Crystalline matrix as the catalyst of new frequencies and harmonisation of light bodies
  • Molecular structure of the crystalline light in the human body
  • Star Seeds, Adam Kadmon Angelic Beings, Star Humans – Difference and Connection

Energy Activations from Maitreya, Metatron and Galactic Federation of Light

  • Strengthen crystalline matrix of the human light body (using the Alpha Centauri technology)
  • Expand pranic tube or central column of light to channel and hold 5D light
  • Activate Earth Star Chakra for effective grounding
  • Re-Activate Diamond Light Body (Love quotient)
  • Activate the Golden Light Body (Joy quotient)
  • Harmonise your light body with the different grids on Earth
  • Align your chakra system with light body of the Sun, Galaxy and with the I AM Presence

The topics, order of presentation and contents delivery at the actual workshops may differ slightly from the program outlined above. 

Participation at the 2013 Making Of The New Adam Kadmon workshops is not a pre-requisite to attend this workshop. 



For schedule and registration details for the different sessions, go to :



I attended Rising of the Phoenix Workshop in September 2014 in Hong Kong. I felt so empowered by the galactic energies the workshop brought through – lost soul fragments reconfigured, deep sense of loneliness healed, realigned to my soul roots, and importantly clear and solid bondage with my Master Spirit Guide – all these have raised the Phoenix in me. Deep gratitude and respect to Amara Tia Ann, the teacher, the healer and the walking Buddha/Christ on my spiritual journey, and to the guides Ann brought through in the workshop!” –Jenny Kakulu, Founder of Karma Consiltants Spiritual Center, Hong Kong, November 2014


With Love & Gratitude, Thank You Ann. Thank You Andy. The “Rising of the Phoenix” workshop is a true gift from the Universe. I came out of the workshop feeling great alignment with Source, empowered with JOY & Ease through activations and best of all, a taste of a significant quantum shift of my energy field in my journey of awakening never felt before. This workshop is a powerful synery of the last few Ann’s workshops I took added together, only that this one is more profound and aim to unfold in us even greater potentials, to enJOY I AM and to actualize all gifts received in our own time, a true blessing indeed.” – Phoebe Ikia, Hong Kong, September 2014


” I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Amara Tia Ann and Intipakaret (Andy) for the amazing workshop. Besides activating our Diamond Light Body of Love frequency and Golden Light Body of Joy frequency, profound insights were channeled too. The healing practices and demonstrations incorporated were awesome and fun. I practised channeling my diamond light to my mother remotely for healing her knee pain. She reported an immediate improvement. I feel a new consciousness has been awakened in me. It was truly a delightful experience having attended Rising of the Phoenix as well as other workshops facilitated by Ann..because they are unique, insightful and comprehensive.” – Louise Choi, Hong Kong, September 2014


“For those who have been seeking it: The science behind Joy and Golden Light  and anchoring this at a learning, thinking,feeling and be-ing level. For me, the workshop has deepened conscious awareness that every step,thought,word,action in the design of my journey matters. I had never thought of my life as ‘footprint building’ and this consciousness has hit home even more. Thank you to Lord Maitreya, Archangel Metatron and Star guides for your love,wisdom,guidance. To be supported on this journey by Amara Tia Ann and Andy is a privilege. Thank you to both,with lots of blessings and gratitude, love.” – Ng Lu Yen, Malaysia, August 2014″


“Many thanks for the workshop. I found it incredibly enlightening in that it really helped tie together all the information that spirit has been sharing with us up to this point from your previous workshops. I really did feel a rebirth of joy and love after walking out of the workshop and continue to feel this way as i regularly activate these light bodies. I hope we can all shine brightly in these golden light bodies and inspire others to do the same simply through being the wonderful frequency of joy” – Michael Lynch, Singapore, August 2014


“I was intoxicated with Joy for a week or so, following the workshop. Now vibrating at a higher level, I’m more open to receive Cosmic Energy of Love. able to connect with my guides better and I become more aware and attentive to their nudges and messages. The strength (both physically and spiritually) in me has grown stronger. At times I could see clearly with my third eyes. I am truly grateful for the experiences I have each day. It enriches my life.” – Zainon, Singapore, September 2014


Thank you for the Rising of the Phoenix workshop, Ann. What I learned has been very helpful in giving me an understanding of what wasn’t clear before and accceptance of things I’ve been experiencing in life, giving me focus and clarity in my path of service. Since the workshop, I’ve felt the expansion and strengthening of my pranic tube through which the white column of light constantly flows and disperses into rainbow light through my third eye. I feel this has consolidated my crystalline matrix and thus ‘locked in’ the joy frequency in my being.” – Stacy, Singapore, September 2014


“The workshop brought together very nicely how we are infinitely and mathematically connected to the cosmos and to ALL THAT IS. I loved the diamond light of Christ Consciousness and the golden light of Buddhic Consciousness – the two together are so powerful! The key difference from before, is the knowing that I am LOVED and this gives me even more JOY! ” – Yvonne Li, Hong Kong, September 2014


” In August this year, I resonated with Amara Tia’s Rising of the Phoenix workshop and from the moment I signed up for the class, instantaneously  I was blessed with energy downloads ,alignments and healings everyday and during my sleep time too. At one point I saw light language screening down and golden lights downloaded through my pranic tube and felt it flowed to the earth. Intuitively I know the masters and guides need to prepare my physical body for the workshop.

 On the second day of the workshop, I felt Maitreya’s presence and golden light being downloaded onto me instantaneously. I stayed in bliss, enjoying my golden light body expansion. By sharing my experiences, I wish others will also hear their calling and contribute to the Phoenix Grid !” – May Hoh, Singapore, August 2014


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