22 March Equinox : Singapore Workshop – The HUMAN Story

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As Earth continues to grow deeper into her 5th dimensional consciousness, the changes experienced by humanity on the physical third dimensional level can be perceived as challenging or even traumatic if the mind focuses on feeling and being fear. On the contrary, if the mind and body is entrained in a frequency of peace and hope and supported by a divine knowing that All Is In Divine Order, the New Earth externalised by the mass consciousness will thus reflect the qualities of serenity, joy and acceptance.

The HUMAN Story is a workshop commissioned by Cosmic Master Thoth for sharing his wisdom on the journey of the human race – its past, present and future possibilities. He said, “Ignorance feeds fear and fear breeds chaos; knowledge calms the mind and a peaceful mind accepts and participates in changes with strength and joy”. Thoth’s intention for the workshop is to instil inspiration, confidence and calmness during this critical time of The Consciousness Shift by having us focus on the divine plan (the ‘big picture’) and our ability to mirror the beauty and perfection in each other.

Besides Thoth’s teachings, energy keys for activating the divine blueprint coded in your cellular memory as a Perfect Angelic Human will also be transmitted.

This workshop is about uncovering and realising your true potential as an extension of an infinite intelligence, here on Earth co-writing and living The HUMAN Story!


If you have always been intrigued by …

  • The intricacy and complexity of the human consciousness;
  • The divine purpose of its existence;
  • The angelic realm and its connection with Earth and humanity;
  • The unique genetic attributes of the human race;
  • The possibility of your individual consciousness influencing and shaping the human destiny;

and are keen for an opportunity to experience an accelerated expansion in your knowingness and to contribute towards the upliftment of humanity, Thoth and I would love to connect with you at this Equinox event.


I believe my connection with Thoth dated back to ancient Atlantis and Egypt when I served as priestess, healer and oracle in the mystery schools founded by Ascended Masters Lady Nada (Atlantis) and Isis (Egypt). In this life time, Thoth connected with me in 2004 and since then, I have been transmitting his teachings whenever he calls upon me. I am most thrilled to be working intensely with Thoth again at this new workshop.

Truly a cosmic master, Thoth’s presence spans across a wide sector of the Universe, far beyond and deeper than the Milky Way Galaxy that Earth is part of. He is often called by The Thrice Born, referring to his incarnations as “Atlantean King Priest, Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites“, “Egyptian scribe and moon god of healing, science and magic, Thoth”; and “Greek philosopher, mystic and alchemist, Hermes Trismegistus”.

Like many evolved civilisations and their beings, Thoth has contributed tremendously to the ongoing evolution of humanity by transmitting inspirational and wise teachings such as The Emerald Tablets and in the process, allowing his great compassion to infiltrate and awaken the minds of men.

Channeled Teachings: Appreciating Your Human Experience

  • Angels, Earth and Humans : An Undying Love Relationship
  • Creation of the Human Consciousness : Purpose and Process
  • Human Mind and Body : The Expression Channel for the Human Consciousness
  • Divine Blueprint of a Perfect Angelic Human : Origin, History, Future
  • Destinies of New Earth and the Human Race: A Tale of Two Consciousness
  • The Fear Factor In Human Consciousness: A Hero or Villain?

Energy Healings and Activations

  • Rebalance and re-align all bodies – physical, etheric, emotional, mental – as one collective intelligence
  • Clear and strengthen grounding cord connecting to Earth
  • Recode and re-activate the 12-strand DNA blueprint gifted to the angelic human


Date: 22nd March 2014 (Saturday) Equinox

Time: 10am to 5pm

Venue: Self Awareness Society, 320C King George’s Avenue, King George’s Building, S208564 (click HERE or go to http://selfawareness.com.sg/contact-us/venue/)

Fees: $220 per person. Deposit of $50 is required to confirm registration

Register: Email Andy at andy@acast.me

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