2020 Planetary Vibrational Potentiality

Excerpted from 26 Dec 2019 New Moon newsletter

AS BELOW…Harnessing the new potentiality 

The final New Moon of 2019 in union with an Annular Solar Eclipse…what a phenomenal opportunity for seeding a crystal-clear intention for further spiralling up the ladder of consciousness in 2020!

By embedding the vibrational potentiality of the new year (a planetary-wide energetic influence) into your personal growth intention, not only can you deepen your connection with others, the collective soul wisdom of humanity can also be harnessed at a greater speed for the benefit of All. 

What then is the vibrational essence of 2020?

Numerologically, 2020 carries the potentiality of a Master Builder (22/4) i.e. a being awakened to divine love (Master) and is devoted to utilising his soul attributes towards the materialization of a new and higher order on Earth (Builder).

 SO ABOVE…The Stars Beckon

To be an effective builder on and for New Earth, perhaps we can first focus on building our Galactic Light Body which in turn, will bring about a more evolved patterning of Light (i.e. human consciousness) for manifesting a physical reality of a higher order.

Henceforth, the Galactic Masters whom I work with have lined up three major ‘stellar’ events for 2020 to guide and support us in becoming Master Builders of Light and thus, of New Earth. Read more at 2020 Events.