2013 Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course – Self Study Kit

2020 Update: For the latest edition of this course, please check out Sirius Star Rising Healing Course (not available online at the moment).


The Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course© was originally designed and delivered as a 2-day classroom learning event. In response to increasing demand for the training materials to be made available online, Andy and I collated the existing course materials and adapted them into becoming this self-study kit.

Intent of Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course©

Infused with the loving vibrations of the guides, the course aims to awaken our innate healing ability and actualise our DNA potential by

a)      connecting us energetically with two groups of spirit guides, namely the deity Isis and light beings from the Sirius star system; and

b)      providing a methodology for performing energy healings and activations on ourselves and others to promote health and wellness, and facilitate expansion into our 5th dimensional light body.

The course is designed for anyone with an interest in learning a structured and skills-based healing methodology. In addition to the course materials, the live channelling and teachings provide a comprehensive framework for understanding our nature as an energy being, the purpose of our physical incarnation on Earth and the process of our soul advancement to the fifth and higher dimensional worlds.

For details on this 2-day course conducted over 2013-2016, go to program.

About this Product

This is a comprehensive self-study kit comprising the following components:

  • Course Book  – Part 1 and 2 (E-Book)
  • Healing Manual – Part 1 and 2 (E-Book)
  • Live Recording of training conducted in January 2013 (33 audio tracks, 6 hours in total)
  • Distant energy attunement by Amara Tia

Also check out:

1. Product Introduction : Welcome Message, Getting Started, Guidelines on Using this Product

2. Course Books and Healing Manuals 

3. List of Audio Recordings

4. Sample Live Recording :Use of Healing Crystals (9 Min)

Price and Order Information (updated)

Current Price: USD44 per set, comprising of all components listed above (excluding PayPal charges 4.6%)

Email info@acast.me with the subject heading “Order Self Study Kit”

What the Users are saying…

Amara Tia Ann, Your Isis Alchemy Healing course is by far the best I have taken so far. I listen to your voice and hear Isis and others speaking to me. I feel the words and soak in the meanings. I AM a being in process of changes, this is a catalyst for the knowing all is well…Thank You! – Mazie Miles, USA, Feb 2013

The Isis-Sirius crystal healing has been so helpful for my clearing and healing process, and I just started to practice healing others today – it was yet another amazing experience and gave me confidence as a healer and channeler – Stacy, Indonesia, April 2013

Also by Amara Tia Ann: Living Your Star Light Healing Course – Self Study Kit (this product is no longer available)

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