Isis Self Study Kit – List of Audio Recordings

The live recordings of the most recent Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course© conducted in Singapore on 25-26 January 2013 are included in the self-study kit as supplementary materials to greatly enhance your learning and healing experience. These MP3 recordings are cross-referenced to the relevant topics outlined in the Course Book and the Healing Manual, as illustrated below.

List of Audio Recordings

Part 1. Course Book Audio Reference

Course Book Contents

Name of Track



Principles of Energy Healing 1C – 1 (Principles of Energy Healing) 14 min
  • Healing vs Energy activation
  • Healing leads to soul expansion
  • Q&A – releasing persistent physical symptoms
Chakra System 1C – 2(Chakra System) 33 min
  • Human energy field composition
  • Relationship between chakras and physical, emotional and mental Issues
  • Energy leakage through solar plexus
  • Causes of physical symptoms – elaboration on Sacral Chakra issues
  • Process of ensoulment of a human baby
  • Distinction between healer, channel and therapist
Human Energy Field IC – 3 (Human Energy Field) 7 min
  • Meridian Lines, Acupuncture Points, Axiatonal Lines
  • Aura colours
  • Q&A
Exploring the Human Emotional Body 1C – 4(Human Emotional Body) 9 min
  • Feelings vs Emotions
  • Understanding and healing emotional body


Healing Symbology and Tools – Crystal IC – 5 (Crystals) 10min
  • Crystal as a healing tool
  • Crystals for activating crystalline matrix and axiatonal lines
  • Crystals for awakening Atlantis blueprint

Part 1. Healing Manual Audio Reference (Below)

Healing Manual Contents

Name of File



Healing Procedure – Invocation Protocol 1M – 1 20 min
  • Purpose of Invocation
  • Invocation Steps
  • Introduce 4 segments of self-healing
Healing Procedure –A. Rebalancing Emotional Body 1M – 2(Invocation and Emotional Body Healing) 12 min
  • Group Practice : Invocation and balancing emotional body
Healing Procedure –B. Routine Auric ClearingD. Protection  1M – 3 (Auric Clearing and Protection) 43 min
  • Familiarising with the chakra positions and colour vibrations
  • Use of affirmations for rebalancing chakras
  • Use of quartz healing crystals
  • Group Practice – Auric clearing and protection practice
  • Q&A – recharging healing crystals, frequency of auric clearing
Healing Procedure –C. Soul Retrieval 1M – 4 13min
  • Demonstration – Soul retrieval procedure

Part 2. Course Book Audio Reference (Below)

Healing Manual Contents

Name of File



5th Dimensional Energy Field – Transpersonal Chakras 2C -1(5D Energy Field) 66 min
  • Organisation of human body mirrors the dimensional worlds
  • Composition and purpose of the 5D body
  • Earth Star Chakra
  • Core Star
  • Universal Heart Chakra – Ancestral and Archetypal patterns carried in Universal Heart
  •  Zeal Point Chakra – types of dreams
  •  Soul Star Chakra – braiding of the soul
  • Q&A
5th Dimensional Energy Field – Angelic Human 12-Strand DNA Template 2C – 2(DNA Template) 19 min
  • Purpose of coding higher strands DNA
  • Strand no. 4 – remembering past life abilities
  • Strand no. 6 – of service towards a greater cause or higher purpose
  • Strand no. 8 – remembering language of light
  • Atlantis Era – prototype of 12D living on Earth
  • Sharing : past life memory of strand 11 and 12 utilisation

Part 2. Healing Manual Audio Tracks Reference

Name of File



Healing Techniques – Invocation of Guides

2M – 1

9 min

  • Invocation procedure
  • Ark of covenant

2M – 2


2 min

  • Q&A  – Part 1 and Part 2 invocation protocol

Healing Techniques – Activation of Higher Chakras

2M – 3

(Activate Higher Chakras)

21 min

  • Group Practice – Invocation and Energising 5 higher chakras
  • Merger of Universal Heart ( Great Central Sun) and Heart (Central Suns) Chakras for regulating body temperature

2M – 4

(Activate Higher Chakras)

8 min

  • Light Language Activation of 5 Higher Chakras –Sirian High Council Transmission

2M – 5

(Activate Higher Chakras)

9 min

  • Triad of the Suns and effect on body temperature
  • Technique for regulating body heat

2M – 6

(Activate Higher Chakras)

5 min

  • Choice of crystals for working on higher chakras
  • frequency of activation


Healing Techniques – 12 Strand DNA Repatterning

2M – 7

(DNA recoding)

3 min

  • Command for recoding 12-strand DNA
  • Frequency of DNA recoding work
  • Q&A on DNA template

Healing Techniques –

Overall Rebalancing of 5D Body


2M – 8

(overall rebalancing)

4 min

  • Overall re-balancing procedure
  • Protection and closing the healing

Programming Healing Crystals

2M – 9

(Programming Crystals)

19 min

  • Crystal technology in Golden Atlantis
  • Demonstration – Programming healing crystals
  • Reason for techniques restricted to the use by Isis initiates

Miscellaneous –

Toning Techniques

2M – 10


8 min

  • Techniques on toning
  • Toning practice – energising Earth’s heart chakra

Miscellaneous – End of Course Q&A

2M – 11



  • Add-On procedures on performing Healing for Others

2M – 12


1 min

  • Brotherhood of Light

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