Sirius Star Rising© Healing Course – FAQ

  1. The course title, Sirius Star Rising, sounds really interesting. What is the underlying message?

Sirius is the brightest star that is visible from any part of Earth. It is believed that as a multi-dimensional energy portal, Sirius is the gateway to the heart of the Milky Way galaxy of which the Earth and the Solar System belong to, spiritually and energetically speaking.

Words contain healing vibrations.

The course title carries the higher intention of quickening the spiritual awakening of the users and all those whom they share these healing gifts through an expanded awareness of Sirius as the evolved sister-star of Earth and a powerful healing support for mankind. 


  1. So, what then is healing and why do you think picking up energy healing knowledge and skills is important?

Simply put, to heal is to restore health in a mental, emotional and/or physical sense. From a metaphysical perspective, it means to rebalance the human energy system to bring about a greater level of well being.

Learning a energy healing modality has several advantages. The most obvious of which,I would think, is to minimise the risk of contracting a dis-sease or illness by applying the healing techniques and frequencies on oneself regularly as a ‘preventive measure’. Other benefits include an expanded self-awareness, heightened intuitiveness, greater sense of empowerment and the ability to offer healing support to family and loved ones.


  1. What would you say are the unique features of this particular healing modality?

Sirius Star Rising© was developed based on the healing science, philosophies and practices of the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools which, in terms of lineage, were much related to ancient Atlantis. It is believed that both civilisations had achieved phenomenal advancement in healing, spirituality and other disciplines largely by cultivating a deep and conscious connection with the Sirius Star.

Other than having the ancient Egyptian healing science as its backbone, this healing modality includes receiving energy transmissions and healing knowledge on awakening (i.e. powering-up) the human’s higher dimensional bodies for experiencing an accelerated expansion of consciousness.  


  1. Is there any reason for introducing Sirius Star Rising© healing course at this particular time?

Possibly for the purpose of rebalancing the great polarity currently manifested on Earth through fear-based human thinking and behaviours, resulting in increased tension, anxiety and general negativity experienced on an individual and world basis. 


  1. Does one need to have prior experience in meditation, energy healing or have attended other similar trainings?

Not necessary at all.


December 2019


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