Healing Workshop: LIVING YOUR STAR LIGHT© (online edition)

Repeat workshop starting in July!


– Connecting You to Your Star Lineages –

5 July (Part 1) and 12 July 2020 (Part 2)

New Moon Lunar Eclipse


A healing workshop, over-lit by the evolved star systems of Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturus (PSA), to:

  • quicken the remembrance and actualisation of your spiritual potential a a star-human
  • empower you as a effective conduit and messenger of these star civilisations


To capitalise on potency of the coming full moon-lunar eclipse and gear up vibrationally for receiving new ascension programs transmitted through the Galactic portal in July – the month symbolic of the annual heliacal rising of the Sirius blue star (aka the Great Central Sun).


  • Energy Keys: entrainment of subtle bodies with the 4th – 7th dimensional essence of the PSA
  • Knowledge: learn healing technologies to awaken genetic codes of advanced abilities 
  • Application: practices of healing techniques during session


Session 1.  Led by the Pleiades Light Council

  • Messages – ‘Historical’ perspective of humanity’s connection with the Pleaides system
  • Messages – Genetic contribution of Pleiades to star-human divine blueprint
  • Group attunement – to 4th dimensional Pleiades system (with overarching support from Sirius star of 5D/6D)
  • Healing technique – release subconscious programming of “to love is to sacrifice” imprinted from Piscean Age
  • Empowerment technique – activate 4D potential to receive/translate star frequencies and transcend linear time
  • Group sharing, Q&A

Session 2.  Led by the Arcturus Light Council

  • Messages – Significance of the present Aquarian Age to human consciousness evolution and contributory role of the Arcturians
  • Messages – Negative implants and their impact on awakening human’s higher mental capabilities
  • Group attunement – to 7D Arcturus star system
  • Technique on mental body reprogramming – release negative implants and activate new Aquarian program of “I think, so I AM”
  • Channeling technique – Arcturian healing codes and symbols for light body expansion
  • Group sharing, Q&A

Actual contents may vary from above outline, if so directed by the guides during the workshop.


  • Conducted on Zoom video conference facility
  • 2 sessions over 2 consecutive Sundays, 2 hours each session
  • Session 1:  5 July, 10am to 12pm Singapore time (GMT+8) Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
  • Session 2:  12 July, 10am to 12pm Singapore time (GMT+8) 
  • Interactive format
  • Singapore Dollars SGD120 per participant (PayPal charges apply), payable upon registration


Email info@acast.me with subject title ‘Living Your Star Light Workshop’, for payment instructions or PayPal invoice.

Registration closes on 1 July 2020. 


A few words from our participant

“It has been such an amazing opportunity to be part of your ‘Understanding Consciousness’ Masterclass and Living Your Star Light healing workshop. I have learnt so much and Loved the way you presented all your materials.You really do assist us in feeling..sensing..inner knowing more of our multi-dimensional selves. I’m soooo excited to practise all what we have received not only for my growth but to be in Divine service.  Putting on the 7th dimensional light garment in today’s session was sooo clear…silver..platinum..white diamond sparkles and to bring that down!!! Welll….⚡I am in heaven”

Sian Jewell, UK, 21st June 2020