Meditation: SERPENTS OF LIGHT. 8.8.2020



The symbol 8:8 is a powerful key to unlocking transformational and enlightenment frequencies accessible in the human body and from the higher realms. On 8th August, I have been asked to serve as the conduit for the Orion Star Council and Sekhmet, the deity of Egyptian tradition to:

  • transmit ascension codes from Orion of the 8th dimensional world for rapidly awakening our DNA divine blueprint as the galactic-human specie (as above)
  • ignite the kundalini fire at the base of the human spine to bring about greater passion, creativity, intuitive insights and vitality for our physical living (so below)


  • Messages from Orion Star Council: Evolving in Leaps and Bounds NOW
  • Messages from Sekhmet: The Serpent of Goddess Power
  • Tool for Integration: the Octahedron geometric pattern

Energy Activations:

  • Enlightening the wizened filaments of light within (‘DNA recoding’)
  • Spiraling the kundalini
  • Harmonisation of galactic ascension codes, will of the soul and creative intentions of the ego


Orion – is one of the Christed star civilizations residing in the Milky Way galaxy, presently calibrated at the 8th dimensional frequency. The Orions work closely with the Elohim in perfecting and modifying the genetic design of all embodied consciousness and star systems to ensure a unified expression of freewill across the cosmos (that is, the evolution of individual civilizations and species through their exercise of freewill will not compromise the universal law of Oneness). Their role and expertise are wide-ranging, including that of a spiritual geneticist, healing technologist, evolution strategist and more.

Sekhmet – In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet was the daughter of the Sun God, Ra who created and ruled the Earth. Metaphysically she represents the guardian of Sekhem energy, a life force of power and might derived from the Universe to sustain and revitalize the body. Sekhmet embodies the qualities of independence, decisiveness, strong-will as well as the destructive potential of un-reined and wild emotions. She is often described as a powerful physician and healer by many energy workers.


(fully booked. registration is now closed)

  • Date – 8th August 2020 Saturday
  • Time – 2pm to 3:15pm Singapore time (GMT+8)  check time conversion  
  • Facility – Zoom conferencing. Meeting link will be sent after registration
  • Fees – By donation. Suggested amount Singapore Dollars SGD12
  • Payment MethodsHERE
  • Register – email

Seats limited to approx 50.