Workshop: OF BITS & BYTES – Plugging into a New Matrix

Led by Arcturus Star Council

10.10 & 11.10


An intensive energy workshop with a two-pronged objective:

  • Serving oneself: to catalyze our remembrance and be-coming the Galactic Human of our genetic blueprint
  • Serving All: to enhance our capacity and efficiency as a transmitter of refined stellar frequencies

Divine Timing

Workshop is divinely timed on both the macro and micro levels.

  • The current energy environment that humanity is dwelling in has triggered the internal shift for many and to a degree that facilitates more regular and intensive downloads of higher intelligence from the stellar worlds
  • 10.10 and 11.10, comprising the symbols 0 and 1, are powerful gateways for accessing the potentiality of the void (0) to encode the mind with new and elevated vibrational patterns of the galactic unity consciousness (1).

Be-coming A Galactic Human?

The What: an embodiment of galactic intelligence expressed through love-based human emotions and actions.

The How: by attuning and entraining the human neurological system to highly evolved and resonating matrices of inter-galactic light and sound frequencies.

The Intended Outcomes: possess greater ability to (1) tap into the galactic frequencies to create personal and shared realities mirroring the qualities of higher worlds; (2) protect oneself from being unconsciously re-entrained and re-lodged to the lower vibrational matrices of fear and lack.

Workshop Program

Part 1 (10.10.2020)

Of Bits – The Science of Becoming

  • What is Mind?
  • Understanding Reality
    • How real is Reality?
    • Use of ‘0’ and ‘1’ for coding and interpreting Reality
    • Role of Reality for soul expansion
  • Connection between Mind and Reality in the context of evolution
  • Matrices of higher programming as parallel and co-existing realities
  • Energy transmissions from Arcturus station satellites:
    • Tuning up the crystal in the pineal gland for perceiving higher realities (awakening)
    • Re-wiring the nervous system to access matrices of cross-galactic intelligence (entrainment)
    • Attunement to your Arcturus spirit guide

Part 2 (11.10.2020)

Of Bytes – The Art of Evolving

  • Mind and Consciousness – same but different
  • Splitting, bridging and overlaying consciousness – the key to experiencing omni-presence across parallel realities
  • Digitalization of the human world – its contribution to awakening the Galactic Human 
  • Role of human emotions
    • earthing circuits for the galactic light body
    • agent for mass evolution as a collective specie
  • Energy transmissions from Arcturus central satellite:
    • Spinning the toroidal field of the human heart
    • Programming the crystals of human heart with the frequency of No-Mind
    • Aligning Universal Heart Chakra (thymus gland) to Buddhic Consciousness Grid of compassionate wisdom

Actual content may differ slightly from the outline, if so directed by the guides during the workshop

Spiritual Sponsor – Arcturus Star System

Arcturus is a highly evolved star civilization currently dwelling in the 7th dimensional frequency zone of the Milky Way galaxy.  Like the Pleiades and Sirius systems, Arcturus, too, has been supporting the evolution of mankind for eons of earth-years.  In our collective soul memory, we recognize the Arcturians as the leading healing technologists and geneticists of our galaxy.

Registration Details

Date:               10th and 11th Oct (Sat & Sun)

Time:              2pm to 4:15pm Singapore time for both days (GMT+8). Check time conversion

Platform:        Zoom video conferencing

Fees:              Singapore Dollars SGD120 (incl workshop videos, if available). Payable upon registration. Payment options to be advised upon registration.

Registration: Email to register/enquire