Master Teaching Class – Reviving Atlantis Crystal Healing, 25 February 2013 (Singapore)

History of Golden Atlantis

Golden Atlantis was an enlightened civilisation of 5th dimensional frequency which existed on Earth more than 15,000 years ago.  Crystal technology was used extensively then to enhance all aspects of physical and spiritual living of the Atlanteans including power generation, healing, education, building infrastructure, telepathic communication and transmission of galactic and inter-dimensional intelligence and vibrational frequencies. The continent of Atlantis sank and its civilisation destroyed when its crystal grid was disrupted by Priests, Shamans and Magi not aligned with the Law of One.

Reviving 5th Dimensional Crystal Healing Technology

As New Earth delves deeper her 5th dimensional consciousness, her rising frequency will catalyse the awakening of our collective memory of Golden Atlantis and motivate us to revive the Atlantean model of spiritualised living in the world of matter.

Accordingly, to help us remember and utilise our Atlantean healing gifts for treating diseases and illnesses relating to the 3rd dimensional plane, my guides Thoth and Lady Nada – both leaders of the Atlantis Priesthood – will host a crystal healing training on the full moon of February. Thoth, incarnated as Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites, was the King Priest of Atlantis while Ascended Master Lady Nada was the high priestess and patron of the Temple of Love of Atlantis.

Program Facilitated by Amara Tia

Channeled Teachings and Activation:

  • The Great Crystal of the Temple of Poseidon, Atlantis
  • Crystal and vibrational sound healing practices by Atlantis priests, shamans and magi
  • Align human crystalline grid to the etheric blueprint of The Great Crystal

Healing Demonstration Using Crystals and Sacred Sounds:

  • Chakra rebalancing
  • Metaphysical cause and treatment of diseases and illnesses :  Colorectal and Colon Cancer (Base Chakra), Diabetes (Sacral Chakra), Irritable Bowel Symptom (Solar Plexus), Heart Attack (Heart Chakra), Throat Cancer (Throat Chakra), Stroke (Third Eye and Crown Chakra)
  • Crystal recharging via the etheric blueprint of the Great Crystal of Temple of Poseidon

This program is open to anyone attracted to physical healing and possibly the lineage of Atlantis. No prior training in crystal healing or any form of  healing modality is required.

You may bring along your healing crystals for re-charging.

“HEALING – In Golden Atlantis, people were natural healers but those who were specially gifted were trained to become clear channels for divine energy. They worked in the Healing Temples. In the early days, healer-priests only needed to balance the chakras but later, as karma started to accrue, people needed more help to stay healthy. Sound, colour, geometric shapes, herbs and crystals were used to facilitate healing. Laser light passed through crystals was used for psychic surgery.”

Source: Atlantis Cards by Diana Cooper 

A Recommended Read: Discover Atlantis, by Diana Cooper


Date:               25 February 2013 Full Moon

Time:               7:30pm to 9pm

Venue:             SCWO Center, 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187967

Fees:                $30 per person

Register:          Email Ann at

Audio recording of selected portions of the event will be made available for purchase.

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