Master Teaching Class – Creating The Galactic Human, 10 May 2013, Singapore

Post-event Announcement: The audio recording of this event is available for order. Go to Post of May 11 for details.


Transmissions from Galactic Council received through the Galactic Eye (see photo below)

As Above, So Below

Since 21st December 2012, propelled by the completion of the previous and the beginning of a new Equinox Precession cycle, the Earth’s rotational axis has shifted and will continue to shift gradually. This alteration in Earth’s angle of rotation is necessary to maintain the electromagnetic equilibrium between the Earth, Sun and the Milky Way Galactic and to support Earth’s ongoing evolution to a fully awakened fifth dimensional body of light.  (Amara Tia’s note: also see information on Judy Satori’s, under video “What’s Ahead for Us…New Life on a New Earth”).

Recoding #1: To ensure continuous and effective entrainment of the human energy field with the expanded consciousness and light body of Earth, the orbital axis between the electrons and nucleus (containing the protons) in the cells of the human body has to be correspondingly adjusted.

As Within, So Without

The destinies of the Sun, Earth and the humans are inter-twined. Earth’s progression to a fifth dimensional star called Tara has the domino effects of:

  • Triggering the Sun’s evolution to a Central Sun known as Zion. This process began on 7 January 2013.
  • Activating the Galactic consciousness in mankind and gradually transforming humanity to a star civilisation dwelling on Tara.
Recoding #2: The external transformation of mankind to a galactic civilisation necessarily involves a paradigm shift in human understanding and thinking. This new expanded thinking of man as an integral member of his galactic family (‘within’) will be  brought about by linking the human mind directly to the galactic programming center.The Elohim will transmit New Creation Codes on the New Moon in Taurus via the gateway of  the Annular Solar Eclipse to enable these recoding of the human light body to occur.
Photo Above: Galactic Eye: Sun with halo at Lake Ohau (New Zealand), Third Eye Chakra of the 5th Dimensional Earth. Contributed by: Sean Turnbull. 7 April 2013.

About the Master Teaching Class

On the New Moon of May which coincides with an Annular Solar Eclipse, a New Creation Light will be dispensed by the Elohim and be channeled through the Sun and Earth for recoding our light body to enable the internal changes explained by the Galactic Council to begin. 

Teachings by Thoth, The Elohim and Metatron:
  • Significance of eclipses as gateways for bringing through new knowledge and energy transmissions from the Galaxy and beyond
  • Process of the Creation explained using the sacred geometry Vesica Piscis
  • Impact of Earth’s new rotational axis on the human body functionality
  • Implications of the Sun unfolding as a Central Sun on the human awakening process
Energy Activations and accompanying teachings:
  • Recoding #1: To alter the vibratory speed and pattern of the human body cells for adaptation to Earth’s 5D faster pulsating frequency and for enhanced rejuvenation and regeneration of physical body
  • Recoding #2: To expand the pineal gland to restore the connection between human mind and the galactic centre
This New Moon cum Solar Eclipse opens us to a great opportunity to begin walking our joint destiny as a Galactic Human. I am told this Master Teaching Class will be an IMPORTANT preparation for a further energy upgrade we shall receive on Solstice on 21st June.
Date:  10 May 2013 Friday – New Moon, Solar Eclipse
Time:  7:30pm to 9pm
Venue:  SCWO Centre, 96 Waterloo Street Singapore
Fees:  $30 per person. Payment at door.
Register:  email Ann at
More information on Lake Ohau available on these messages

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    I so value the work you are doing. Thank you. Shelley tran

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