Master Teaching Class: Creating True Abundance 3 October 2013, Singapore

Announcement: Live recording of the event now available for purchase. Read post of 4 Oct for listing of tracks and order details. 

Master Teaching Class


New Moon 3 October 2013

By Amara Tia Ann

What is true ABUNDANCE for you? Would it be:

  • A healthy body and peaceful mind?
  • A meaningful career?
  • A supportive family?
  • A group of friends whom you share many heart-felt moments?
  • A fulfilling love relationship with a soul mate?
  • An affluent lifestyle?

Is it possible to create all these experiences of abundance  in one’s life time?

How is Universal energy transformed into our experiences of abundance?

What limits the process of materializing and experiencing abundance?

Is the attraction of abundance the same as experiencing joy?

What are the sabotaging beliefs about money that deter our attraction of abundance?

What is the optimal state of spiritual health to be in to always create abundance successfully?

Any other questions you may have?

Teachings and Energy Blessings from Ascended Masters:
Buddha Maitreya and Goddess Lakshmi

Join us at the Libra New Moon Master Teaching Class: Creating True Abundance to receive the channeled insights from Buddha Maitreya and Goddess Lakshmi, also known as the Masters of Joy and Abundance, on these questions and more.

Plus : Energy Gift from Buddha Maitreya on DNA Recoding

Buddha Maitreya, representing  the Office of the Christ, will also transmit light and sound sequences for recoding and reactivating our DNA blueprint (DNA strands 4th to 8th) to accelerate the expansion of our Light Body and magnify our consciousness.

 “If your DNA remains active only at the 3rd strand corresponding to the 3rd dimension, your mind will continue to ‘see’ only scarcity, an illusion created by the seemingly limited resources of the physical world. Once the higher DNA potential is activated and operational fully, your mind will be reprogrammed to see what it believes passionately in and  thus begins to attract unlimited abundance from the Universe”

 – Lord Maitreya, Channeled August 2013

Plus: Shower of Prosperity from Goddess Lakshmi

Hindu Goddess Lakshmi will close the session with a golden shower of abundant blessings. Bring your favourite crystals to join in this lavish bath of prosperity! 

Event Registration Information

Date:      3 October 2013 (Thursday). New Moon

Time:     7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Venue:   SCWO Center 96 Waterloo Street Singapore 187967

Fees:       $30 for each session. Pay at door

Register: Email Andy at 

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