Solstice Meditation – The Return of the Dove, 21st June 2013, New York City

A Day Filled With Light

The Summer Solstice is the day of the year with the longest period of daylight. For the North hemisphere, it marks the time when the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from the North Pole. As the daylight represents life, the Summer Solstice is traditionally celebrated as the bringer of hope, peace, fertility and richness in all its senses.

The Earth will observe her first Summer Solstice in the North since her transition to a 5th Dimensional (5D) body of light in December 2012. Against the backdrop of a day filled with light, the Solstice season presents us with a golden window for actualising the 5D qualities of Peace and Oneness on New Earth.

Atlantean Crystalline Grid in Bermuda Triangle

Within and surrounding the Bermuda Triangle, which lies next to the East coast of United States, exists a vital crystalline network constructed by the Atlanteans for receiving and transmitting  galactic intelligence. This highly advanced and sophisticated crystal hub has remained dormant since the fall of Golden Atlantis eons of years ago.

I am told on the Solstice of 21 June 2013, co-ordinated by the central programming center of our galaxy, the Earth will receive New Creation Light from the Elohim for advancing her destiny and henceforth accelerating the spiritual awakening of humanity. Coded with the intelligence of Light and Life of a higher order, the Solstice transmission will be gifted also for the purpose of re-activating the Atlantean crystalline grid of Bermuda Triangle and the surrounding region. This is an important preparatory work for reviving the collective memory of Golden Atlantis – an era on Earth when the human race thrived as a civilisation of Peace and Oneness, living in perfect harmony and alignment with the galactic consciousness it is part of.



A program commissioned by Spirit, The Return of the Dove meditation workshop is intended to anchor the Solstice transmission of New Creation Light onto the land of America for dissemination across New Earth via her ley lines and the Atlantean crystalline matrix of Bermuda Triangle. This session will be hosted by the patrons of America, namely the Ascended Masters Lady Portia and Lord St Germain and be overshadowed by King Priest of ancient Atlantis, Thoth.

Channeled Teachings from Lady Portia and Lord St Germain

  • Significance of the Summer Solstice of 2013 from the perspective of Earth’s rebirth as a 5D body of light
  • Rise of Atlantis – Role played by America and her people
  • Portals on the land of America connecting to the Atlantean crystalline grids
  • The divine blueprint for America

Transmission of Energy Codes

Besides channeling the above teachings, Amara Tia will transmit energy codes from the Galactic Council and the Elohim for:

  • Activating the Atlantis crystalline grid of Bermuda Triangle 
  • Accessing the akashic records of Golden Atlantis
  • Mapping our energy matrix to Atlantean crystalline grid
  • Releasing and transmuting negative karmic imprints of Atlantis
  • Initiation to the Seventh Ray of Lady Portia and Lord St Germain


Date:               21st June 2013 (Friday)

Time:               7 pm to 9:30pm

Venue:             Ripley Grier Studios, 520, 8th Avenue (Bet. 36th & 37th Streets) 16th Floor, New York, NY 10018,

Fees:               US$33. Pay cash  at door. Pre-registration is preferred.

Registration:      email Andy at

Also available in NYC : Making of the New Adam Kadmon Workshop, 22-23 June. 

2 thoughts on “Solstice Meditation – The Return of the Dove, 21st June 2013, New York City”

  1. I will be there energetically! Thank you so much for all you are doing!

  2. I am so looking forward to this entire event………….

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