Workshop: Be the Joyous Expression of Your Soul (Advanced Class), 25 August and 1 September 2013, Singapore

Program for the earlier workshop (Basic Level) is available HERE.



In the first workshop, Cosmic Master Thoth provided the participants with a road map for mastering the Joy vibration through:

  • uncovering the divine qualities and expressions of our souls that will open our hearts to absolute Joy  (Driver)
  • understanding the ultimate tangible outcome we are here to create as a Joyous service to All (Mission); and
  • identifying the strengths and positive attributes brought forward from our past lives as our innate abilities for this life (Inner Resource)

The DMIR approach reflects the divine order underpinning the materialisation of all divine plans, including the unfoldment of our journey towards Joyous being and service.


Divine timing plays an equally important role in navigating us towards the path of becoming Joy. While divine order regulates the effectiveness of our intentions and manifestations, divine timing influences the efficiency and momentum of fulfilling our soul desires. In Part 2 of the workshop, Thoth will equip us with insights for understanding the human’s numerological cycles for expansion, preservation and redemption; and provide the tools to help us maximise the high-growth opportunities and manage with least effort the challenging periods occurring in our lives.

Participants need to have completed the Part 1 workshop conducted in April / May 2013 to register for Part 2.


Teachings and Exercises:

  • Understand divine order and divine timing as the dual aspects of creation
  • How does divine timing affect a soul’s reincarnation on Earth?
  • Is synchronicity the same as divine timing?
  • Birth data encoded with various cycles of expansion, preservation and contraction
  • Incorporating numerological cycles into DMIR Model to maximise efffectiveness and efficiency in fulfilling soul’s desire of becoming Joy
  • Numerology exercises: discover your personal numerological cycles for the important phases in your life or for each year; understand how they impact on the accomplishment of your Driver, Mission and Inner Resource
  • Channeling for individual participants : Insights from guides and higher self on

(i) the influence of personal numerological cycles (divine timing) on the realisation of your soul plan determined through the DMIR concept (divine order);

(ii) numerological symbols for enhancement or mitigation, as necessary.

Energy gift from Goddess Kuan Yin to expand on one’s compassion and self-love on your path towards Joy mastery.


Date:              25 August 2013 and 1 September 2013 (Repeat Session), 10am to 5pm

Venue:             SCWO Center, 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore

Fees:               $150 per person

Group size:       Limited to 15 participants for optimal interaction and support

Register:          If you have attended Part 1 of the workshop and are interested to                            continue with Part 2, please email Amara Tia Ann at                                       to register. Deposit of $50 required for confirming                          your registration.

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