Workshop : Be the Joyous Expression of Your Soul


BE THE JOYOUS EXPRESSION OF YOUR SOUL – A Workshop on Finding Your Path of Joyous Service is hosted by two great Masters whom I have worked with for several years, Lord Maitreya and Thoth (also known as Lord Hermes). Its intent to provide us with information and tools for remembering and uncovering our soul desire in the area of planetary service, that is, the divine qualities and expressions our souls have planned to master in this life time that will open our hearts to absolute Joy and in so becoming, allow us to serve humanity with great Joy and bliss. This workshop is about preparing us for ascension through joyous service.

This workshop is offered in Singapore and Hong Kong. Check program and other details at:

Singapore 28 April, 12 May and 19 May, 10am to 5pm (All three workshops fully booked)

Hong Kong 24 May, 10am to 5pm – a few seats are available

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