Workshop: Be the Joyous Expression of Your Soul 28 April, 12 May and 19 May 2013, Singapore


Ascension Through Joyous Service

By taking the human form, souls evolve through numerous incarnations on Earth by attracting lessons and experiences which purify their karmic memories and restore the universal love and balance in their hearts. When they begin to awaken to self-love marking a re-alignment to their God Self, these souls will be initiated to the next level of spiritual training which prepares them to become an Ascended Master : one who has merged his ego with his soul and thus, embraces and expresses the universal law of Oneness in service to all.

I am told by Spirit the path to becoming an Ascended Master of New Earth is through a service of JOY. A higher vibratory pattern than love, Joy, as an emotion and a mental state, can bring about a powerful positive shift and expansion in our consciousness as well as to our environment. This is the way the new Ascended Masters will serve – by fully embodying the vibration of Joy as they walk their soul path.

Find Your Joyous Expression Through Your Akashic and Divine Plan

Be the Joyous Expression of Your Soul is a workshop hosted by two great Masters whom I have worked with for several years, Lord Maitreya and Thoth (also known as Lord Hermes). Its intent to provide us with information and tools for remembering and uncovering our soul desire in the area of planetary service, that is, the divine qualities and expressions our souls have planned to master in this life time that will open our hearts to absolute Joy and in so becoming, allow us to serve humanity with great Joy and bliss. This workshop is about preparing us for ascension through joyous service.

Besides being the keeper of the akashic records, Thoth is also the over-soul of Master Kuthumi who in turn over shadowed Pythagoras, the father of modern numerology. In this workshop, we will work with Thoth to decode the mysteries of our cosmic chart and access our askashic records for understanding our soul expressions and divine plan, so we may begin our journey of becoming a Joyous planetary worker. Lord Maitreya, commonly known as the Laughing Buddha, will initiate the participants onto the path of Joyous Service.



Teachings and Exercises:

  • Process of soul creation and incarnation
  • Numerology as a cosmic language
  • Significance of your birth data in revealing the path of your soul ascension
  • Numerology exercises:  discovering internal resources, passion, mission from your cosmic chart
  • Channeling for individual participants :  looking at your akashic for past achievements, strengths and fears
  • Group reflection : Am I ready to be a Master of Joy? What are my aspirations and fears ?

Energy gift from Lord Maitreya on behalf of the Spiritual Hierarchy –  an initiation onto the path of Joyous Ascension and Service.



Date:               28 April 2013 (Sun); 12 May 2013 (Sun) – BOTH FULLY BOOKED

19 May 2013 (Sunday) – seats available

Time:               10am to 5pm

Venue:             SCWO Center, 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore (Training Room 2)

Fees:                $220 per person

Group size:       Limited to 15 participants for optimal interaction and support

Register:          Email Amara Tia Ann at Deposit of $100 required to

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1 thought on “Workshop: Be the Joyous Expression of Your Soul 28 April, 12 May and 19 May 2013, Singapore”

  1. This class sounds wonderful! I wish I lived in Singapore! 🙂

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