Workshop: Living Your Star Light, 16 November 2013, Singapore

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We become the vibrations we embrace and energise consciously.

To actualise our multi-dimensional or stellar qualities, the most natural way is then to surround and infuse ourselves regularly with star energies aligned with our soul purpose and the divine plan for Earth. Serving as a channel and messenger for these star nations is one effective way to bring about such entrainment and expansion of ourselves as a star human.

To this end, Living Your Star Light is an intensive workshop commissioned by the High Councils of Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturus to initiate and awaken the ‘star healer’ in us, that is our natural ability to transmit energy frequencies and intelligence across different dimensions to enable an accelerated soul expansion and transformation for ourselves and those whom we serve.

This workshop is an offer from the star nations of Pleiades (4th / 5th Dimension), Sirius (6D) and Arcturus (7D) to equip you with the knowledge and energy keys to serve as one of their messengers on Earth. It will be overshadowed by the Ashtar Command as the overarching supporting energy.



Anyone who:

  • Aspires to expand his healing capability by becoming a channel for the star systems Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturus
  • Is passionate about teaching and sharing the history and divine plan for Earth
  • Desires to reconnect with his stellar lineage to experience his gifts as a celestial being
  • Resonates with all the above intentions

No prior training or experience in energy healing is required. Basic understanding of the human energy system, such as chakras, would be ideal but not critical.




1.       The Ashtar Command Speaks

  • Role of the Ashtar Command
  • Karmic connection between Earth and the star trinity of Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturus embodied by the Egyptian deities Hator, Isis and Horus

2.      Isis representing the Sirian High Council

  • Unfolding 3D Gaia As 5D Tara, A Heavenly Home for the Star Humans –  Understanding the Divine plan for Earth
  • The Old Transforming Into The New – Connecting Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and the new Maitreya program
  • Becoming A Star Human With A Thinking Heart –  Understanding the anatomy of the star human from his DNA blueprint

3.      Hator representing the Pleiadian High Council

  • Heart over Mind –  Awakening the lotus heart as the pre requisite of becoming a 5D consciousness
  • Rising of the Twin Stars – Revealing karmic connection between Tara (5D Earth) and the Pleiades as twin souls
  • Touching Hearts, Awakening Senses – Pleiades gift of healing emotional debris to awaken one’s sensuality and the higher senses of the body, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience.

4.      Horus representing the Arcturian High Council

  • The Sky is the Limit – origin and basis for the Arcturian’s advanced healing technology
  • Say Bye to Negative Implants – what are negative implants and how do they limit your mental capability and thus your healing potential
  • From Crystal Clear Thinking Comes Dynamic Arcturian Healing – Using the crystalline matrix in your energy body to purify the mental body for unlocking the Arcturian healing codes


Energy attunement to your personal Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian  healing team

Hator and the Pleiadian High Council:

  • Karmic healing – release old Piscean program of “To love is to sacrifice”
  • Toning practice – opening the heart with the sacred sounds from Pleiades

Horus and The Arcturian High Council:

  • Mental body reprogramming – release negative implants and   activate new Aquarian (Maitreya) program of “I think, so I AM”
  • Channeling and healing practice – unlock Arcturian healing symbols coded in core star chakra



Date: 16 November 2013 (Saturday) Full Moon

Time:  10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Venue: SCWO Center. 96 Waterloo Street. Training Room 4

Fees:  S$220. Deposit S$50 required to confirm seat.

Group Size:  Limited to 16 for more effective interaction

Register: Email Amara Tia Ann at

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