Workshop: Making of the New Adam Kadmon

AK Logo GeneralAnnouncement: The audio recordings of this series of workshops will be make available in July 2013. Watch this space for the details of this product release. Follow ACAST blog to receive instant news update.

‘MAKING OF THE NEW ADAM KADMON – Awakening the Angels of New Earth‘ is a new program commissioned by the Elohim and Archangel Metatron.  The intent of this work is to assist Earth in stabilising her 5th Dimensional Body of Light by leveraging on our angelic heritage. I am told to bring this series of new teachings and the accompanying energy activations to as many Earth Angels as divinely guided. If you are attracted to the idea of working with the Elohim and Archangels to explore and actualise your angelic gifts, I look forward to serving you again in 2013.

Full Program and Schedule Available At

February 9 & 10 : Sydney (COMPLETED)

March 9 & 10 : Singapore (COMPLETED)

March 20 & 21: Auckland (COMPLETED)

May 25 & 26 : Hong Kong (COMPLETED)

June 22 and 23: New York City (COMPLETED)

4 thoughts on “Workshop: Making of the New Adam Kadmon”

  1. Kathryn Ward said:

    I would love to join in on this workshop….Do to work and other responsibilities I would not be able to attened in person. Do you ever “stream” your workshops,
    where we could regester and pay and watch it online?
    Many Blessings for your Service to Life!
    “I AM” Kathryn

    • Dear Kathryn
      I will be running this workshop for the first time in Sydney over the New Moon of February. My inclination at this point is to assess the viability of “stream” the event only after the inaugural launch in February. By then, with the experience of the first ‘live’ event, Andy and I will probably be in a better position to investigate this option. We will keep everyone posted via our blog. Thank you for your blessings and all the best, Amara Tia Ann.

      • Hi Amara Tia Ann,
        I’m grateful for the gifts you’re bringing forth.
        I would also appreciate participating in this work, but would not be able to come to the places named at the times for each upcoming workshop. My computer is apparently too old a system to “stream” an event, but if recordings are made available I thank you.
        Best regards,

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