Making of the New Adam Kadmon – 9 and 10 March, Singapore

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The Adam Kadmon Race

Within the many kingdoms of God, the angelic realm is designated with the divine purpose of bridging inter-dimensional worlds. They serve as God’s messengers and intermediaries with the unique gift of upholding the inter-connectedness of all universes, galaxies and life systems. The angels are genetically coded with the 72 divine names of God corresponding to the 72 dimensions leading to the God-Head, enabling them to connect and transverse all worlds and dimensions.

Eons of years ago, the angels descended on Earth to imprint her consciousness with the angelic vibration – a genetic pattern critical for catalysing Earth’s ascension to the 5th dimension by maintaining the magnetism between Earth and the higher dimensional star systems of the galaxy. These angels took on a physical form calibrated to Earth’s 3rd dimensional frequency and became part of the indigenous races of Earth. Constrained by the dense vibration on Earth, their angelic abilities had to be kept dormant until Earth is ready to hold the 5th dimensional consciousness. Spiritually, these angelic humans are known as the Adam Kadmon race, meaning ‘man of angelic lineage’.

The Lemurian Star People

The Lemurian star seeds came to Earth with a different mission from the Adam Kadmon. They were star beings who brought the genetic codes from the more evolved star systems (of 4th to 12th dimensions) to Earth around 100,000 years ago. As they inter-married the Earth people, the Lemurians facilitated the expansion of the human’s DNA potential to include the genetic attributes of the higher dimensional star civilisations. Consequentially, the Adam Kadmon race underwent the same genetic upgrade in their human form while retaining their angelic lineage. More information on the Lemurian star-seeds available at


With Earth’s transition to the 5th dimensional envelope of Light on 21st December 2012, the Adam Kadmon angelic beings are NOW ready to awaken their nature as an effective energy bridge, supporting the harmonisation and stabilisation of Earth’s dimensional shift viz-a-viz the evolutionary path of the Milky Way Galaxy.

This powerful workshop is intended to activate the genetic code, soul memories and abilities of our Earth Angels – the descendants of Adam Kadmon race – whose mission is to assist in birthing a heavenly Earth of Love, Peace and Oneness.

Lemurian star-seeds having a deep connection with the angelic kingdom or a strong calling to work closely with the Earth Angels in co-creating Heaven on Earth will also benefit from this workshop.



This is a two-day program with interesting and all-new teachings by the Elohim (creator aspect of God), supplemented by intensive energy activations gifted by Archangel Metatron and Archangel Michael.

Channeled Teachings

  • Divine purpose and role of the angelic kingdom
  • Genetic distinction between the angels and the star civilisations
  • Inter-connection between the Elohim and the angelic world
  • Evolution of the Adam Kadmon race on Earth
  • Genetic attribute of the Adam Kadmon race: coded with 72 divine names of God
  • Purpose of the Adam Kadmon’s inheritance of the 12-strand DNA template
  • Uniqueness of the Adam Kadmon light body: bridging Heaven and 5D Earth
  • Introducing the Archangels : Metatron, Michael, Raphael, Zadkiel and others

 Meditations and Energy Activations to

  • Reconnect with your angelic soul and family
  • Access individual and collective akashic records of the Adam Kadmon
  • Reinforce activation of the 12-strand DNA potential
  • Activate the genetic code and light body of the Adam Kadmon – for 5D living and planetary service
  • Connect you to your personal Archangel guide


MORE INFORMATIONAre you an Earth Angel?

The Elohim shared that the genetic attributes endowed upon the Adam Kadmon race can manifest as the following ‘human’ thinking, feeling and behavioural tendencies:

  • Has a deep love for people and/or animals
  • Has a gentle, warm nature but may tend to compromise self-interest due to loving and giving nature
  • Attracted to work benefitting large groups of people
  • Often feels lonely on Earth even though well liked and supported by a wide family or social network
  • Drawn to practising and teaching spirituality in a grounded and balanced manner –  guided to weave spirituality into world of materiality


Date:  9 – 10 March 2013 (Saturday – Sunday; 2 Days)

Time:  9am to 4pm

Venue:  SCWO Center 96 Waterloo Street Singapore 187967

Fees:  SGD440

Registration: with Andy at


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