Update @ 25 Dec 2017 –  all available slots for Private Consultations with Amara Tia Ann have been booked up. Email if you’re keen to be placed on wait list.

Announcement on 15 Dec 2017 –  

Private consultations with Amara Tia Ann will be available for a limited time period – 18 Dec 2017 to 31 Jan 2018-  in response of the many requests she has received. All sessions will be conducted over Skype.

For booking logistics, please scroll down.


Energy Healings and Light Body Activations

A typical reading session includes the necessary healing; the nature and extent of which will be determined by your guides. If the focus of your consultation is healing, please state so in your email booking to Amara Tia Ann.

Energy healings differ from activations in intent and skills. Healing aims to release or correct distorted energy patterns found in our aura (electromagnetic field or EMF) or cellular memory. Such discordant or lower vibrational patterns tend to bring about or expand disempowering thoughts and emotions which manifest as physical discomforts and diseases over time. Thus infusing higher energy frequencies into your EMF during a healing sessions serves to improve the overall wellness of a person. As the name implies, the purpose of an energy activation is to stimulate or trigger the remembrance of your soul qualities and gifts, that is, the higher capabilities encoded in your DNA blueprint which you have either forgotten due to past life trauma or have yet to actualize them in any of your incarnations so far.

Channeled Reading

Amara Tia Ann channels divine messages from Source and your higher self to offer clarity and advice on the challenges and issues you may be facing at this moment. Very often, she also accesses your Akashic records and works closely with the Lord of Karma to provide past life information relevant to your understanding and resolution of your current issues.  An numerology enthusiast, she also uses number patterns and sequences to supplement her intuitive readings. For FAQ on reading and healing consultations, please go to post of 7 November 2013.




  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the period 18 Dec 2017 to 26 Jan 2018 (except for the week of 8 Jan 2018). 
  • Between 10am to 12pm; 2pm to 4pm Singapore Time (GMT +8) 
  • For time zone conversion, go to
  • Days and times stated above are subject to change as necessary
  • 60 minutes per session


  • Email Amara Tia Ann at with requested time slot and your Skype user name, at least 4 days in advance
  • You will receive an email confirmation or suggestion to reschedule due to unavailability of requested time


  • To be advised when booking your session
  • For Singapore clients, fees can be paid through IBG. You will be advised of bank account details upon your booking.
  • For clients based outside Singapore and paying through Paypal, an additional 4% apply (this amount is collected by Paypal). An invoice will be sent to you once proposed date and time are agreed.

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment to be settled at least 2 days prior to the session as confirmation of the appointment
  • Fee does not include audio recording of the session. You may record the session using your own devices, such as your mobile phones
  • Once tuned-out of the his/her aura upon completing the session, Amara Tia Ann is no longer energetically connected with the client, nor can she recall accurately the information channeled.  As such, she will not be addressing any post-session questions or clarifications

Technical Requirement  

  • You need to have a Skype account to participate in the session
  • Sign up for a free Skype account at if you need to
  • Sessions will be done using voice only (no videos required) for ensuring optimal internet connection
  • Add ACAST to your Skype contacts. Our user name is acast.anndy