Consultations – Online

Email for healing and reading sessions availability. Face-to-face sessions suspended until further notice. Scroll down for booking logistics. 

For Light Bodies Reconfiguration sessions led by Archangel Metatron – please go HERE for description and sessions availability. 

For space clearing sessions – please go HERE for details

Energy Healings and Light Body Activations

A typical reading session includes the necessary healing or energy rebalancing; the nature and extent of which will be determined by your guides.

Energy healings differ from activations in intent and skills. Healing aims to release or correct distorted energy patterns found in our aura (electromagnetic field or EMF) or cellular memory. Such discordant or lower vibrational patterns tend to bring about or expand disempowering thoughts and emotions which manifest as physical discomforts and diseases over time. Thus infusing higher energy frequencies into your EMF during a healing sessions serves to improve the overall wellness of a person. As the name implies, the purpose of an energy activation is to stimulate or trigger the remembrance of your soul qualities and gifts, that is, the higher capabilities encoded in your DNA blueprint which you have either forgotten due to past life trauma or have yet to actualize them in any of your incarnations so far.

Channeled Reading

Amara Tia Ann channels divine messages from Source and your higher self to offer clarity and advice on the challenges and issues you may be facing at this moment. Very often, she also accesses your Akashic records and works closely with the Lord of Karma to provide past life information relevant to your understanding and resolution of your current issues.  An numerology enthusiast, she also uses number patterns and sequences to supplement her intuitive readings.

More info on Energy and Reading Consultations

  • FAQ on reading and healing consultations: HERE
  • Quick comparison on effects of reading and healing: HERE
  • Importance of strengthening physical and other lower bodies for sustainable ascension: HERE.


Booking Logistics 

  • Email or for available slots
  • Consultations to be conducted on Zoom video conferencing platform
  • For time zone conversion, go to
  • 60 minutes per session (30 minutes for Light Bodies Reconfiguration sessions. Read more HERE)


  • SGD220 per 60-min session
  • For Singapore clients, fees can be paid through PayNow (UEN: T11LL2214A) or inter-bank fund transfer (please email for bank account details).
  • For clients based outside Singapore and paying through PayPal, a platform fee of 6% applies. An invoice will be sent to you once proposed date and time are agreed.

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment to be settled at least 3 full days prior to the session as confirmation of the appointment
  • Fee includes audio recording on Zoom
  • Any post-session questions or clarifications will not be addressed (channeled information is not/cannot be retained in my conscious memory)


“I’d like to thank you for being part of my 2020. I have gained a lot of clarity and knowledge from your classes and personal sessions and I really enjoy your down-to-earth way of teaching and explaining and breaking things down, so people can easily understand. And what I most like about your private sessions is that you always provide practical advice and relay messages in a practical and down-to-earth and not make things too grandiose or superfluous. – Grace, Singapore. November 2020″   

“I have known Amara Tia for many years now and she has been instrumental in my awakening journey and in understanding and harnessing my gifts. I have done healings and readings with her and I must say these light body activations are probably the most refined and powerful piece of work she did for me yet. 

My higher guidance through her channel did a DNA recoding, a recalibration,  and connected my field to my guides energy at a level I have never experienced before and I literally felt like a new person. 

So much clearer, balanced, with a sense of inner peace , I had never experienced before.  These sessions propel you to a new level of your ascension journey with new abilities and a new sense of clarity. I  had to just sleep afterwards because of the intensity of the work. 

I would recommend them to anyone who is truly willing to boost his/her progression and consciousness expansion. It is life changing.” 

Fana Gueye, Intuitive Mindset Coach for coaches and healers, Inner Child Healing and Shadow work Advocate and writer.

2018, Paris.