Importance of strengthening physical and other lower bodies for sustainable ascension

The Why

Since 2012, the galactic ascension energies transmitted to Earth have become increasingly more intense and regular. Whilst such downpour of galactic and cosmic light greatly facilitates the awakening of our higher-dimensional bodies and soul abilities, they can, nevertheless, cause much strain to the four lower bodies – physical, etheric, emotional and psychological – if there is inadequate or ineffective integration, grounding or clearing of vibrational debris. Physical and emotional imbalances can also be triggered more frequently as our energy body undergoes deep karmic releases and becomes energetically more sensitive to our environment.

Thus, I feel guided to play a more active role in providing the healing support that you, your family or friends may be seeking at this time of unprecedented change and transformation on Earth and within ourselves

The What

While each healing session is intended to enhance your health and wellness at all levels of your being, the exact nature of it and the techniques deployed will depend on the guidance received from Spirit and your specific needs at this point in time. Light bodies recoding work may be included in the session if you request or as directed by your spirit guides (an example of light body reconfiguration program is explained HERE)

The higher beings whom I channel typically include the Ascended Masters, Angels, Mother Gaia, deities from different spiritual lineages, Christed star and galactic beings.