Light Bodies Reconfiguration: 1-on-1 Session Description and Booking Logistics

Please email for sessions availability. 


Introductory Note on Light Bodies Reconfiguration Sessions – available HERE

Leading Spiritual Guides

  • Your Higher Self
  • Archangel Metatron and other Archangels, if so invoked


Quicken your remembrance and seed your conscious awareness of your soul potential and purpose. Support your earth journey as One with your Soul.


Session will focus on bringing through the Archangels’ energy transmissions via the Language of Light with interpretations as necessary.

  • Auric clearing
  • Activate higher dimensional chakra system, with emphasis on increasing rotational spin of Soul Star chakra
  • Expand complexity and universal mapping of axiatonal lines
  • Recode spiritual DNA
  • Grounding through earth’s crystalline grid
  • Physical health tips, as necessary and time permitting

Please note this is NOT a reading session. 

To know more about Language of Light, read articles HERE.

Duration – 30min per session

Booking Schedule

Booking Procedure

  • Email Amara Tia Ann at with 1-2 requested time slots and your Skype user name, at least 4 days in advance
  • You will receive an email confirmation or suggestion to reschedule if necessary
  • Send contact invite to our Skype account ‘acast.anndy‘ once booking is confirmed


  • Singapore Dollars SGD120.00
  • For Singapore clients, fees can be paid through inter-bank fund transfer. You will be advised of bank account details upon your booking.
  • For clients based outside Singapore and paying through PayPal, an additional 4.6% apply (this amount is collected by PayPal). An invoice will be sent to you once proposed date and time are agreed.

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment to be settled at least 3 days prior to the session as confirmation of the appointment
  • Fee does not include audio recording of the session. You may record the session using your own devices, such as your mobile phones