Light Bodies Reconfiguration: 1-on-1 Session Description

Update October 2018: Booking for Light Bodies Light Reconfiguration sessions is now closed. Please email if you wish to be placed on wait list.


Introductory Note on Light Bodies Reconfiguration Sessions – available HERE

Leading Spiritual Guides

  • Your Higher Self
  • Archangel Metatron and other Archangels, if so invoked


Quicken your remembrance and seed your conscious awareness of your soul potential and purpose. Support your earth journey as One with your Soul.


Session will focus on bringing through the Archangels’ energy transmissions via the Language of Light with interpretations as necessary.

  • Auric clearing
  • Activate higher dimensional chakra system, with emphasis on increasing rotational spin of Soul Star chakra
  • Expand complexity and universal mapping of axiatonal lines
  • Recode spiritual DNA
  • Grounding through earth’s crystalline grid
  • Physical health tips, as necessary and time permitting

Please note this is NOT a reading session. 

To know more about Language of Light, read articles HERE.

Duration – 30min per session

Booking Schedule (booking is now closed)


  • to be advised
  • For Singapore clients, fees can be paid through IBG. You will be advised of bank account details upon your booking.
  • For clients based outside Singapore and paying through PayPal, an additional 5% apply (this amount is collected by PayPal). An invoice will be sent to you once proposed date and time are agreed.

Register – email Amara Tia Ann at with requested time slot and your Skype name, or if you wish to be added to the wait list

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment to be settled at least 2 days prior to the session as confirmation of the appointment
  • Fee does not include audio recording of the session. You may record the session using your own devices, such as your mobile phones

Technical Requirement  

  • You need to have a Skype account to participate in the session
  • Sign up for a free Skype account at if you need to
  • Sessions will be done using voice only (no videos required) for ensuring optimal internet connection
  • Add ACAST to your Skype contacts. Our user name is acast.anndy



I have known Amara Tia for many years now and she has been instrumental in my awakening journey and in understanding and harnessing my gifts. I have done healings and readings with her and I must say these light body activations are probably the most refined and powerful piece of work she did for me yet. 

My higher guidance through her channel did a DNA recoding, a recalibration,  and connected my field to my guides energy at a level I have never experienced before and I literally felt like a new person. 

So much clearer, balanced, with a sense of inner peace , I had never experienced before.  These sessions propel you to a new level of your ascension journey with new abilities and a new sense of clarity. I  had to just sleep afterwards because of the intensity of the work. 

I would recommend them to anyone who is truly willing to boost his/her progression and consciousness expansion. It is life changing.” 

– Fana Gueye, October 2018, Author of the forthcoming children’s book «Rainbow Eve and friends» and Inner Child Healer & Shadow Work Evangelist (website to be launched)