Space Clearing Sessions (online)

The body is where the soul dwells. The house is where the body lives. 🏡

Why clear the space that we occupy physically?

Our body (behaviors and activities) becomes the thoughts and emotions we engage in frequently. As within, so around. Accordingly, the physical space we occupy – for the most part of our waking hours – will naturally become the extension of our body holding the same energy patterns as these thoughts and emotions.

If these energy patterns are of lower frequencies i.e. fear-based qualities, clearing our physical space can initiate and facilitate the shift of our inner state to one that is more uplifting by making us more aware and in control of our ability and choices to transform and evolve ourselves mentally and emotionally.

Clearing out the energy patterns dominating our physical space also promotes creativity and lightness in our life, by enabling our body to dwell in an expanded vibrational zone that is yet to be coded with any familiar or stagnant frequencies.

The Process

The specific procedure will vary for individuals and their respective home or office spaces, depending on the higher guidance received during the session. However, the process is broadly the same:

  • Invoke your Higher Self and the spirit guides over-lighting the session
  • Identify areas within the premise where energies are stagnant, low-vibrational or no longer supportive of the spiritual growth and well being of you and your family members or colleagues
  • Proceed to clear out the lower energies at these spots, including releasing lost souls and negative entities, if applicable
  • Infuse new frequencies dispensed by the guides and calibrated to support your intentions
  • If unsupportive energy portals and/or leaks are identified, to advise on the implications and remedial measures (e.g. spiritual objects placement, re-orientation of furniture, use of wall colours for deflection etc)
  • For power spots existing in premise, to advise on ways to unlock and enhance its positive influence on household or office environment

Information to Furnish During or Prior to Session

  • Your intention for space clearing
  • Address of home or the office space
  • Names of occupants – necessary only for homes
  • Photos of key locations (within the premise or compound) you are spending a great deal of time at
    • homes – living hall, master bedroom, study, kids’ play room, garden, meditation room
    • offices – your room/workstation, conference room, board room
  • Floor plan if available

Session Logistics and Booking Instructions

Minimum Duration: an hour per session

Session Extension (optional): in 15min blocks and to continue immediately from the original session; for larger spaces and energetically-complicated situations e.g. involving lost souls or entities release.

Platform: Zoom video conferencing

Fees: Singapore Dollars S$220 per 1-hour session; additional S$40 per 15min extension. Audio recording included

Payment: to be made 3 business days prior to session as booking confirmation

  1. Singapore-based clients: via PayNow to UEN: T11LL2214A
  2. Overseas: via PayPal, charges apply. An invoice will be issued to you

To book: email Amara Tia Ann at for available slots and indicate your time zone

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