E-Books and Other Products

Launched August 2014 – Phoenix of Joy : An Essence to Awaken Your Inner Joy (Price: AUD 20 per bottle, excluding postage charges)

 Home-Study Healing Programs 

26 June 2014 – Living Your Star Light Healing Program: Self Study Kit (Price: SGD 66)

February 2013 – Isis Sirius Alchemy Healing Course : Self Study Kit (Price: SGD 155.00)


Event Recordings (all available in MP3 format)

2014 Events

14 May 2014 – Wesak Festival Meditation Audio Recording (Price: SGD 15)

2013 Events

26 December 2013 – The Goddess Dance Workshops Audio Kit (Price: SGD44)

3 Oct 2013 – Master Teaching Class : Creating True Abundance (Price: SGD15)

17 July 2013 – Making of the New Adam Kadmon Workshops Audio Kit (Price: SGD 50)

10 May 2013 – Master Teaching Class – Creating The Galactic Human (Price: SGD 20)

25 Feb 2013 – Master Teaching Class, Reviving Atlantis Crystal Healing (Price: SGD 15.00)

11 January 2013 – Master Teaching Class, The Initiation (price: SGD 15.00)

2012 Events

30 September 2012 – Teachings from Alpha Centauri (price SGD15.00) 

31 August 2012 – Mastering Creation Through DNA Recoding, An Audio Visual Production (price : SGD30.00)

19 June 2012 – Master Teaching Class, Return to Zero Point (price: SGD15.00)

20 April 2012 – Master Teaching Class, Heavenly Answers to Earthly Questions (price: SGD 15.00)

23 March 2012 – The Rainbow Audio Booklet (price: SGD 15.00)

8 March 2012 – Master Teaching Class, The Flame of Shamballa (price: SGD 15.00)

Please click on the Product Title above to access content and other product information.


Order, Payment & Delivery 

For all products except for Phoenix of Joy Essence, please email to place your order, indicating Product Title and Your Name on the subject title.

Email Lee-Anne at for Phoenix of Joy Essence.

Thank you for purchasing ACAST products. We hope you’ll find them interesting and useful additions to your spiritual development tool kit.


Blessings, Ann and Andy.

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