Omniscience: New Book by Andy (Intipakaret)

Printed version Now Available – by Andy (Intipakaret). E-book available soon.

Price: USD15, excluding postage and delivery.

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In this series of five short stories, contained in this single volume, Andy takes a lighthearted approach to some of the biggest questions, and concepts, in our lives:

To Be Or Rock To Be: a young soul decides whether he should take on the assignment of incarnating as a mountain, where he’ll be doing absolutely nothing!

Trunk Time: a baby elephant captured by the circus learns about being in the Now from his mentor elephant. A traumatic event causes him to re-examine the whole notion of Time, and what it really means to be present, in the Now.

All Is Well: a young frog has accidentally fallen into a well. Does he perish from the mind-numbing confinement, or do the confines of the well, somehow, free him from the confines of the world?

Roaring Success: with good intent, a friend removes the “fear of failure” soul imprint before his friend incarnates as a lion. Why does he feel the need to do that, what happens to a lion with no fear of failure, and what is the much bigger picture behind all this?

The Isle of Enlightenment: a seasoned librarian goes searching for enlightenment on a mystical island he’s heard rumours about. Does his venture pay off, or would he have gone further by staying in the library?


For order information, email, subject heading: Order Omniscience