Phoenix of Joy – An Essence To Awaken Your Inner Joy

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Introducing Phoneix of Joy Essence

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Co-Created by Amara Tia Ann of ACAST and Lee-anne Caulkett of Journey To Inner Peace

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  • Usual price : A$20 per bottle (25 ml), excluding postage charges
  • Discounted price available to participants of Rising of the Phoenix workshops (2015 sessions) and for bulk orders of 20 bottles or more



  • Email Lee-anne at


What the Users are Saying…

We are really thankful for being introduced to Pheonix of Joy Essence which has helped us dramatically!  It truly supported my mother and I in attaining a higher vibration and stronger stability. I can constantly feel Lord Maitreya’s golden energy surrounding me. This connection gave me a sense of excitement, happiness and hope, which flows out from my chest like a waterfall. Most important and valuable of all, it made my mum more optimistic and her mood swings have reduced significantly. Lastly, it really tastes delicious like vodka. The Phoenix of Joy is indeed an inspiring potion for all to awaken their inner joy! – Vivian Toh, Singapore, February 2015

“I love the essence. It helps me to connect with Lord Maitreya easily. Since the workshop I have been working very closely with Lord Maitreya. I could feel his energy in me each time I took it. It helps me to centre myself easily. Each time I took it, I vibrate at a higher level. Sometimes I took it twice or thrice depending on what I need to work on myself. Currently I am addicted to it and could not imagine not having it in my life.” – Zainon, Singapore, September 2014

“Although I had doubts at the beginning if my husband would be open to taking the Phoenix of Joy essence, I took Ann’s sound advice about being honest (as opposed to mixing it with water and letting him drink it unknowingly). As I presented the essence and its information leaflet to him after the first day of workshop in Hong Kong, probably radiating joy myself, he just thanked me and took the first dosage right away without hesitation. Two days later, he told me excitedly that he thought the essence was working. His mood had been good and he felt more confident. It’s been one week since he started taking the essence now. From my observation he has lightened up quite a bit, becoming more positive, hopeful and joyous. I’d like to express my deep gratitude to the creators of this wonderful essence. What a great way to spread joy!” – Jovy Wan, Hong Kong, September 2014

Soon after attending the Rising of the Phoenix workshop, I began working intensively on a dog who suffered deep physical and emotional trauma. She fell from a high point and paralysed its lower limbs last weekend. She was nearly being put down because of her bladder function were restricted. Apart from giving her bodywork and energy healing, I added the Phoenix of Joy Essence to a flower essence blend I have prepared for the dog; that really boosted the frequency of the flower essence blend. The dog is now making good progress. She is not only happier and more motivated, she is also gaining more strength on its lower body each day and is able to empty its bladder and bowel more and more unaided. I am grateful for that!” – Wynnie Ng, Hong Kong, September 2014

I have been taking regularly since the workshop and felt the strength/power built up over time. I felt the essence empowered my 3rd eye  chakra and crown chakra, thus it is now an important tool for me to connect with my guides during meditations. I strongly believe in Phoenix of Joy essence.” – May Hoh, Singapore, September 2014

After using the Phoenix of Joy Essence, I felt my thinking capacity is broadened and expanded to worldwide and macroscopic thinking. This is very good for me as it provides new angles for understanding the world around me” – Christine Sit, Hong Kong, September 2014

“I have been taking the Phoenix of Joy daily. I feel stronger and am vibrating at a higher frequency. Since then I have been enjoying heighten joy despite seemingly some physically challenges and work deadlines.” – Yvonne Li, Hong Kong, September 2014

Today, I felt within me both the love and wisdom to engage my heart to ‘wisely know how to handle and had the nice loving feelings I had been searching for’. I had earlier often touched my solar plexus with my hand to ‘control the uneasy feelings’ as I felt a misalignment of emotion emanating. Today, after several days of taking Phoenix essence, I felt at peace and while I am still having to deal with different situations that caused me ego issues, I truly felt an inner calm and a letting go of the ego monster.  I would like to express my deepest thanks and gratitude” – S. Yeo, Singapore, December 2014

I have taken this remedy for 6 consecutive weeks daily, while I was simultaneously treated for stress-related issues.  I found it uplifted me and helped maintaining feelings of lightness and optimism. I feel much more cheerful, centred, playful, joyful and enthusiastic. I haven’t encountered any side effects of the potentially listed. I will definitely recommend the Phoenix of Joy.  A. Solis, UK, May 2015


Product Disclaimer

Phoenix of Joy Essence is not a replacement for traditional health care, medical diagnosis or medical treatment for diseases and illnesses. It may not be suitable or adequate for those with severe emotional, mental or physical health conditions. Please consult a licensed Medical Practitioner if you are pregnant or have any health issues or concerns about using this product.

The following parties shall not be held responsible for any mental, emotional or physical health issues that may arise during and/or following the consumption of this product: Amara Tia Ann, Aleph Centre of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation LLP, Lee-Anne Caulkett and Journey To Inner Peace.



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